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  1. I have some ideas about blockchain, blockchain is the world's most trusted crypto company, thanks for asking this kind of questions, I will follow this topic to learn more about blockchain. Blockchain in my opinion is the system of coin. So for example Bitcoin. Their blockchain is used to processing transaction, the transaction is handled by miner.
  2. Now a lot of airdrop and many exchanges cannot be earned without KYC verification and it is a lot of trouble for KYC verification so I would say if there is no KYC on such sites then many customers would have participated in all these sites.I think every website needs KYC for education. I learned from it myself. It teaches very well. And if there is a website that requires no KYC education on that website. So please tell me one of you.
  3. Bull run or bearish market in crypto, i will keep doing something either it is trading or holding coin. Im afraid we will have nothing to do for too long if we wait for the bull market. Just do you best in both bearish or bullish market.If the bull run will not happen this or next year, hmmh let me think, I will hold all my coins and try to increase my balances.
  4. Yes there are many websites where you can earn but some of websites are also scams the very trustworthy site is Freebit . Co it's a very genuine site. You can go to the taps if you are not fluent in trading or do not have capital to start, if you want links please contact me on the special so that I can help you with some facuets I used to work in the past.
  5. I would gladly accept my salary in BTC, but unfortunately so many people are closed minded and see BTC as a pyramid scheme , banks trying to shut it down still in my country, even just making a crypto transaction at a certain bank, and ur card would get flagged, then they call u to answer questions about money laundering. maybe you are just using it for trading but there are lots of people in all around the world that use bitcoin as a normal currency to buy or sell things.
  6. The main factor is the measure of BTC flowing among fraudsters, I read an article about the site TOKEN. what's more, this article shows that in excess of 200 000 Btc is in dynamic deal! Genuine or bogus, I have no clue for the present.Yeah I think it's try to get this done before you buy it for sell in market but the bitcoin rise on the top pump and dump coin trading to please in the market order.
  7. Because they want to take place in Crypto market and currently Crypto in initial stage if anyone create their project in future can give huge with Crypto market also this is next generation system.If they develop coin I think there coin will pump very quickly because every people will trust them and will buy their coins.
  8. I will sell some of theme if the price is good to sell today the market fall with more than 10% to hard to sell for now i hope one week before the Christmas it go up then yes.Good sales for good causes. I like people who sell crypto according to their needs, this is good because there is always a circulation of transactions in cryptocurrency.
  9. Maybe he will stay enough time to make a difference, if he dispensers I think he will be replaced by another new coin why not??? If bitcoin not dispensers he will be the most greatest thing online.I think bitcoin will be future of our exchange system. In future there will be more crypto-currencies. But bitcoin will lead all of them. Normal people can use bitcoin easily in future. Blockchain service will be more improved.
  10. Yes.I think it's possible.YouTube is the most famous video sharing platform in the world.There are too many users.I think creators also should love to take their payment in cryptocurrency.I think i have heard something about YouTube were going to adopt bitcoin as mode of payment also and they also wanted to have their own relative coin.
  11. Incidentally I did not experience it in this Cryptotalk forum. Yes, it usually doesn't take long. There might be a little problem but everything will return to normal in the end. I experienced it on the Bitcointalk forum, but all was normal far this forum is very good and friendly and for the problem of payment event on time , i really appreciate the team this forum who are very agile in responding to various problems.
  12. Still, as I think, when bitcoin is over, there will be a new popular currency, or when they get all the bitcoin, the price will start to rise , because it will become quite rare. And maybe the price will rise to the skies, as some critics suggest, up to 1 000 000$.Miners will move to other currencies while Bitcoin continues its development phase to get new funding and this will increase its price.
  13. I would add another point, learn from other people's mistakes as well as your own, sometimes it helped me a lot when I wanted to do something stupid. Thanks for the advices and the eggs one i iliked. The greedy one is a truble with me i am trying to find a solution i lost alot last year.
  14. Yes, information site is indeed accurate, but not am confident that recognized on 100%, can on 98% ) And it is one of the popular sites for cryptography. I use it, and it helps me a lot, I usually look at the falling price of the currency, take it, and then when there is a race-sell! Profit.This site is very important for those who work in the field of cryptocurrencies and use it to obtain information about a currency.
  15. Do you know that Ripple XRP is the most favorite for companies? Yes I think because his faster transaction when you wend or receive Ripple the transaction is very fast than others coins, for this reason preferred by many companies.Yes it is possible Because It has a lot of potential to grow if xrp coins have been used in banks I do not think it will be able to replace Dollar xtp has a good future If you buy and keep it on hold for long-term, then you can generate good profit.
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