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  1. In my country , it is banned . I think a few of people use this . But i hope in the future it will become national currency.
  2. There are many website which provide a platform to earm money But inspite of these websites I just prefer the cryptotalk . I spend most of my time on this site to earn money.
  3. My opinion is that to buy the cryptocoin at very low price. Preserve them for a long time then sale them when the price of currency increases to get better profit.
  4. There are a lot of reason . The price of btc falling it turn red. While the price of altcoin rises it turn green. But this happened very rare.
  5. Social media have no advantage, while crypto talk provide a lot of advantages . It also earning facility. Many people earn alot of money by posting and investing on the cryptotalk. While social media not provide earning platform.
  6. Scammers are found everywhere in the world , to avoid scammers protect your accunt . Never share your private key with any one. Dont invest on fake websites.
  7. Cryptocurrency is the primary source of income. I work on cryptocurrency to earn money which i utilized to fulfill my needs.
  8. I think the future of cryptocurrency will be very delightfull. It will become centralized . It will be accepted by all the countries. Infact in the future , i think become national currency.
  9. Then i prefer eretherum , because eretherum is the second most popular crypto coins.i think it is the most profitable .
  10. I think ripple currency XPR will overtake from the eretherum to become more popular in the global market . In 2020 , XPR price expect to increase more than 8 %.
  11. I think the best way is : Transfer them into wallet From the wallet it transfer to the exchange , to convert into real money or other currencies.
  12. No , i don't use bitcoin gambling site. I thought that this is the wrong way to earn money. Earn the money from good way is profitable than from bad way.
  13. I think data are secured in these website . These websites are highly safe and secured . The popularity of the website only base on security. Where the advantages present , disadvantages also exist. Hackers are found everywhere in the world to prevent bitcoin from stollen , user must protect its private key from anyone.
  14. I think there is no coin better than bitcoin infact in the future no currency have the tendancy to compete the bitcoin because bitcoin is the king of coins. It is the most oldest and the widely accepted coin in the world.
  15. I think crypto is good for future . Because it provide an earning site. People earn alot of money by investing and posting. Bitcoin is also a king of coin , It is the oldest more coin people have alot of trust on it thats why i believe that in the future it will become national currency.
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