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  1. One thing I want to mention that there will be no effect if you don't have any reputation on your profile this section is only e to make your profile more attractive to the viewers who are coming to your profile then also if you want some good reputation then you have to work hard on your post and comments it should be attractive so that the members come to your posts and comments and give you likes.
  2. Baby easily you can withdraw your payment in any wallet you want it you just have to follow some steps I am giving year first open and yobit wallet that is the main thing you have to do then send your Bitcoins to the wallet after that choose the coin you want to buy then sell the coin and copy the address in which wallet you want to send your coins then put the copy adress here and send your coins in few minutes you will get your payment on the address given here.
  3. I want to mention some points for any beginners who wants to trading at the starting first don't think that you have enough knowledge about investment and trading because this is not a place where you have put your money and you can relax you have to be more active and keep it on the market all the time then only you get the profit otherwise definitely you have to face the loss so before trading gets enough knowledge about that marketing and start with small investment that will you more safe.
  4. You have given all the important topics there is nothing left to add in your comment and I have to appreciate that you have done a good Research and your points are very clear to be known by the all members and it is really very helpful because new members are not going through the guidelines so this post will be helpful for them.
  5. Congratulation you have successfully get your payment in the you with wallet now as you want to withdraw your payment I am suggesting you to go to the the friends you know how to withdrawal I am saying this because you don't have knowledge about withdrawing if you do it any other wrong address then there is no way to get it back so so go for the friend it's better for you.
  6. It's a very easy process to convert your Bitcoin to LTC first you have to open your wallet then send your Bitcoins to your wallet after that click on wallet section and now now choose the litecoin then sell it and page will appear in which we have to copy the address in which you want to send your light coins now send it in few minutes you will get the money to that wallet you have give the address.
  7. You are right we have already seen the same topics are been uploaded again and again by the new members or you can say by the all members because this campaign has no more new topics to be created that's it true many members who are higher level they are trying to to create new topics as they can but the new members they don't have much creativity about this community so they are doing the same post again and again.
  8. You are right and I have to appreciate you that you have chosen this topic and if you ask me then Bitcoin is really a secure currency that I am trusting and it's first priority mine also Bitcoin is a stable currency that attracts people's more to invest in it.
  9. first welcome you have joined the right place to earn some money and I have to say the money you are getting is a good amount as a student it's enough coming to the rules and regulations of this committee you have to go through the guidelines that you can find every point to operate cryptotalkorg.
  10. My friend has referred me this organisation and said to join and earn some money at the starting I have the mind said that I am only coming here to earn money but in few days I realised that I am missing something then I am started research about this cryptotalkorg and I feel that I can learn huge amount of things from cryptotalkorg me to know about Crypto world.
  11. You have chosen the right topic this year will be great for the every member who joining in cryptotalkorg as I am saying this because we are getting the opportunity to know the cryptocurrency world in the better way also we are implementing ourselves to to do the trading that's a big thing for every member.
  12. One thing I want to mention the coins which are given by the yobit wallet free if you collect them and you want to sell then you see that you cannot exchange the coins which you have collected as to conserve very small quantity and with their coins are there so don't waste time on that Bitcoins work on the daily basis and enough money you will get.
  13. You are mentioned all the points then also I want to mention that of course trading is profitable if it is done on the right time on the right object as we all know trading is not always giving profit you have to face loss also and one thing if you are beginners then don't go for higher amount of trading it's not safe.
  14. Of course we have to appreciate the marketing of cryptotalkorg have we are seeing live example that we are getting payment from here but if we see then we are doing cryptotalkorg marketing to our friends family and other stages also. There are many other things are also that we are doing here to do the marketing of Crypto talk.
  15. Yes you have noticed that right point as this situation has come because the number of peoples are joined here daily but the post are very less so this is the reason why you are not getting any new post because peoples are doing comment on the same post again and again also the same post are uploaded.
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