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  1. if you want different crypto topic you have to get knowledge about online work with so hard work and full time but stay away from hackers to get you hacked by them because its a risk
  2. It would seem very strange for the miners to take control of the bitcoin market after the split occurs, but this is what will happen.You may wonder how that is, 4,380 blocks are usually mined every month and this amount is added to the bitcoin block chain, and now the reward is equivalent to 12.5 bitcoin, which is approximately $ 5,000
  3. increasing price of bitcoin means that the value of your profit is increasing because this is very good plateform to earn money online with out any risk and problems but take care in this
  4. we will be earn 1btc when we hard work and have full patience but you just have to avoid from scamers and being hacked by someone but take care of your money if you want to invest
  5. crypto site is winner of 2020 because its value is increasingday by day and its users are also increasing with time passing but you have to work hard with full patience for better earning
  6. investment in venzuelaa is better but you can invest in bitcoin for online earning and much profit than others because this is very profitable business these days without any risk of being loss
  7. Bitcoin has been around for a little over 10 years and has been the absolute best investment in terms of price appreciation for this decade. We need to understand what it means to hold strong when there is an asset that is continuosly growing and getting adopted.
  8. there are so many rules in crypto currency market but you don't have to post a comment or make a post copy from any person if you do this your account will be banned without any warning
  9. investment is risky work due to scaming problems but if you want to invest then you have to invest in trusted sites so invest with trusted sites so that you can't lose your money
  10. you can learn good trading on crypto world with bitcoin trading because this is good earnig platform for students and house wife without lose or risk of being scamed or hacked
  11. best crypto currency is bitcoin because you can earn very much profit without any lose of money or problems because this is good work and earn lot of money without risk and scames
  12. in addition to beating his own record, XRP successfully beat the leading altcoin in the market. On the same day Ethereum only made $ 137.26 million.The stakes for Ethereum to shine in 2020 are huge. The popularity of DeFi (decentralized finance) can be a major cause of ETH excellence.
  13. you have to take care of your wallet key because it is very necessary to take care of it because if you don't have the key then how will you open the wallet and if you have coins in wallet then you will lose your coins
  14. we all know that new opera browser has crypto wallet so this is very good for crypto users because they dont have to need to make a new crypto wallet and that's a good achievement for crypto user
  15. the best time to trade is when you know that price of your coins has increased and that's good time for trade to earn good profit without any risk or problems but wait for some good time
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