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  1. I think it is most important thing before posting any thing in social media.because a word has many meaning and many ways.so before we posting we must confirm what we are posting.
  2. If I give suggestions to add this forum then I don't think I can finish.but I can give some suggestions.i think this website published much more so that people can know about this side and join and can work
  3. I think there should be limite of react in post.because different people have different thoughts so they can express their thoughts through reacts.but reacts should be in limit.
  4. There are many difanition about leaderboard.but main defination is a large board for displaying the ranking of the leaders in a competitive event.
  5. We should think before doing anything.because if we do anything wrong we have to suffer later and maybe we have to regret later for doing that.
  6. I think I can give likes to all members who reply my post.Becuse they love me and reply my post so I can give them likes. But it will be difficult if post member is too much.
  7. Maybe there are many rules on cryptotalk,but I don't know what is that. I just know what crypto talk means and it means copy paste allow
  8. If you are happy with the content, click look good to finish your review.when a submission gets enough review it will be automatically approved.
  9. In groups I experienced wonderful.because it is a place where I found a lot of people for chat with out searching them.besides I can them all together.
  10. No I don't think to improve to chat section.Because it is a place where I found a place to chat like Facebook and what's app.i feel it is comfortable.
  11. It is not too much time iam here. I opened my account in this website yesterday so it is almost two days iam here.so it is short time
  12. Some times we did not get many things notication.it has many reasons.sometimes we don't know how to get it and sometimes in Facebook we don't know how it fixed in setting.
  13. There are many reasons for not locked old tips.Because they are use ful, true, inspiring.Besides it helps a man to finish his work.
  14. We should look many things before reply.Here are the 3 things is it helpful,is it true,is it inspiring.these are most important things we should look before replying.
  15. There is different difference between crypto talk and bitcoin.bitcoin is the digal currency and bitcoin acts as a medium for facilitating the product.
  16. Everything you do in every moment matter.a single though can change your world.you are responsible for everything you tweet.
  17. We can do many things for avoid ban.such as creating fake accounts,posting copy righted content and photos,collecting user data without permission.
  18. Don't give what is holy to the dogs,nor cast your pearls before swine,lest they trample them under their feet and turn and tear you in pieces!!
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