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  1. Yes it's your choice if you want to comment more than one time in some post that is right but I want to make you known about dad the post comment in the same topic more than one time that will be not counted again it will be counted one only.
  2. Yes if we are using VPN then it may be a problem for the forum because it means that the same person using multiple account so don't try to do this induce your safe site to continue work for a long period of time.
  3. There are many section that you can put your thoughts and comments so if you feel that you have finished the comment and topic success in your your choice of topic then go for another topic created by the members it will help you to comment more.
  4. Yes thank you for the information you have given but I know it before only that the post that and deleting by the forum admin it doesn't make sense that we will get a warning for that.
  5. I am not facing this type of problem because I think its problem operating with only a server is slow so please go and find the and connect with good server you will able to do work flexibility.
  6. I am happy with this forum I don't need any other website work because it is giving me all desired income that I want from it so no need for any other website for working.
  7. Yes it is so disappointing that you have done a so number of comment and some of the comments get deleted by the forum and you have to do double heart shape to complete the same day work and before some post that had deleted. To get counted.
  8. I spend my half of the day in this forum after completing my work also because it help me to understand more better with the completed topic and get a new thought of the people. It is really helping.
  9. Blockchain is a best option but I still not come to use with it it will take more time to understand about blockchain and how to come of the use of it will take time to understand more about it.
  10. Sorry I don't know much about it that you can able to save your coin to someone in the coinmarketcap I think you can but you have to follow some of the steps.
  11. Some contents are not we can see because that are are pinned section which are only for the new member to understand the rules which will help them to continue the work in the forum.
  12. If we are getting Ban our all the post I get deleted by the admin and we have to start again our work to continue it so what to do to get rid of this I ask admin to please look after this and make us able to work with our post that we have done before.
  13. I don't understand in which basis the comments are getting deleted by the admin because we do all the best comment in the forum but also it get deleted I think it is a biggest problem in the form otherwise all things are fine.
  14. As admin has not said anything about that he will create any app for the form but I think that is the times come more it will really make some app for a long period time that will run I think app is not needed because now the site is working so properly and fine.
  15. To develop the form we should give our suggestion to the forum that can make it more better and create a perfect good for which will really help us to find a better place.
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