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  1. I am agree your opinion dear mate, yes we should help the moderator to clean this forum because there are so many duplicate post are posting everyday or everyday some people doing copy paste from others post, so admin should give the awards who give report to admin.
  2. Yes you are right sir, there is many important topic in this forum that we can discuss but I don't think theme is very important in this forum. But I respect your suggestion dear friend.
  3. Good idea dear mate, yes I am agree your opinion most of the user in this forum not speak English well, so they do mistake their spelling but if dictionary add in this comment system that will great for every user. Thanks for your innovative idea.
  4. Hey mate, I got scammed in mining site because every mining site are fake and most of the investing mining site do scam after few day's. Free mining site not give the payment, so avoid mining site and save your money.
  5. Yes you are right yobit is a trusted site and no chance to lost your balance from your yobit balance but if your account get block then your balance will be lost my dear friend.
  6. I started my crypto journey last year and my friend tell invest in crypto coin, that's why I am learning first than I will invest my money in crypto coin. Cryptotalk helping a lot to giving a opportunity to learn crypt coin and I want to give thanks to admin panel.
  7. If anyone do copy any article and post here they have to give reference link otherwise they will be banned in this forum. So when you copy any post or content in the internet you have to give reference link in your content.
  8. I think signature campaign will start in the future but at this moment this campaign will won't start because cryptotalk forum age is not old but this forum growing in rapidly, so we all can hope this campaign will launch very quickly.
  9. Thanks for your post dear, I heard the investment box but I scare to invest in investment box because I afraid I can loose all money if I invest my money. But I will invest money in the investment box in the future.
  10. Yes you say right we have to search first in the group, if we found our content than not to post this topic but if we not found the topic in the forum than we can post our topic so that post will not not deleted in this forum.
  11. You have to put your cryptotalk email in the box but if you give wrong email in the box than it won't connect to your cryptotalk account to yobit exchange, or maybe you not sign up with cryptotalk email at yobit exchange. You can take a help from youtube how to connect yobit account to your cryptotalk account.
  12. Hey mate, I not see any top ten member in this forum post but I saw in the home page in the bottom that 3 person name is the highest contributor of the forum and @Migo sir is on of them. We want to heard their experience about cryptocurrency from top ten people in this forum.
  13. Investing in one coin is very risky , so invest various coin in the market but coin must in top 10 rank in the coinmarket. You can invest two three coin so if one give you loss, others coin balance your loss.
  14. Best cryptocurrency for is LITECOIN, ETHEREUM, DASH, BITCOIN CASH, NEO etc. Number one cryptocurrency name is bitcoin don't forget anyone dear all friend. After bitcoin mentioned coin all are good.
  15. If you buy ranked coin in the market like LTC, ETH, BNB coin than it will be profitable in the future but you have to hold this for a long time if you want to get good profit.
  16. Yes you say right BTC, LTC, ETH coin have a great future but I don't see any future of doge coin because doge coin price not even 1 cent in the market. But 3 coin have a great future.
  17. Yes yobit is the best exchange currently , so if you want to invest 500 usd in crypto coin than my advice is invest small coin in the market like LTC, XLM, TRX, VET, NRG, XRP etc. Mentioned coin all are ranked coin, so buy this coin and hold for long time.
  18. I wish is that happen, we withdraw crypto money from ATM, I think crypto engineer should take step how can we exchange crypto to cash in the ATM machine. In future that can happen, we will be able to withdraw cash out in ATM machine.
  19. If any exchange need a kyc verification than we have to submit our document so that they can verify our account. They use our document to verify our account I think but we should give our document in Airdrop project because most of the Airdrop are scam in now day's.
  20. My first online wallet is coinbase wallet because coinbase wallet is really easy to use and security is also high. I think newbie first choice wallet is coinbase wallet.
  21. Yes you point out good topic how can we found same reply in one post but we have to avoid same reply in one post. If our comment match others comment than maybe our comment will be deleted.
  22. Really sorry for your deleting post, yes it's a frustrating when our post get deleted and we have to post again if we want to get free bitcoin. So admin should take step or should give a notification why they are deleting the post.
  23. Dear Admin you can add signature campaign like bitcointalk because this campaign will be good for the user. This forum already have a all the sector, so I don' think any category needed in this forum.
  24. Hey mate, multiple account is not allow in his forum, if your friend will create another account to your previous device than their account will be banned again. If you friend buy new mobile and create another account then it will be ok I think.
  25. I am new in this forum and I also new in crypto world, that's why I need a 3-4 hour daily in cryptotalk forum because I am learning about cryptocurrency reading useful post and gathering knowledge our brain.
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