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  1. Hey, I not see any notification at yobit exchange that registration is temporally off because my friend sign up yobit exchange today and they not feel any trouble. So please say you friend do sign up carefully or maybe they have a some cookies problem.
  2. Yes you are right we only pay to cryptotalk giving informative post and add value in this forum, we also can do anything that we can marketing cryptotalk that user will increase and cryptoalk earning will grow.
  3. Hey, really important post the beginner, although I am also new in this forum and I not yet withdraw my earning from yobit exchange, so seeing your post I have to trade first to bitcoin any other coin like trx coin then I will withdraw my coin.
  4. I saw lot video that litecoin withdraw take a time , so be patient your amount will reach safely. Yobit is a legit site and you definitely get your payment very soon.
  5. Hey, buddy this problem still not fix my facebook friend say that they are not able to login and comment from their mobile, I tell him this is a server problem. My question is when this issue will fix.
  6. I have no idea about cryptotalk signature campaign but I am hoping that cryptotalk will arrange signature campaign, so that we can earn money doing that project.
  7. Woh, really good tips or idea who not speak or who not write English very well, they can use google translate and this is not go against the forum rules. But we have to ware or adjust google translate English because they not give 100% perfect English.
  8. You are not seeing the all content which you post or comment because they are deleted by the admin. So please post unique topic and do constructive message so your post and comment not going to deleted.
  9. Hey, today I have to post 7 extra to reach mu useful post, yes it's frustrating but we could not do anything, we can make a good post or comment so that our post will not deleted by the moderators.
  10. Hey, I am new but I know the rules that you can not use vpn for faster post and comment. So please don't use vpn otherwise your account will get banned shortly.
  11. Yes you are the boss sir, you make a excellent post and your topic is unique, yes we have think which post is useful and which post is useless. If post is informative then we should give the love react and if post is useless we must give bad react or report the post.
  12. Hey, mate I saw lot of post like this, I think they are facing a problem at yobit exchange they are not able to send balance to their wallet, I think it's server problem and everything will be fix soon. So be patient and it will be ok.
  13. Yes I am earning from this forum, today till my earning balance is 61,000 satoshi and it's feel really good to mind. At last I earn money from online. I want to build up my career at online and I want cryptotalk campaign will go long.
  14. You make a good suggestion who did not follow the forum rules or spamming the forum doing copy paste. But it's a forum rules we can not order the admin or moderator. I will go punishment who not follow the forum rules.
  15. Hey dear, I read the forum rules very well and I saw lot post about rules, so I know what is the minimum post character, he minimum post character is 100 characters and maximum is no limit. Most of the time my comment character is 100-150 character long.
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