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  1. If you want to get your reputation will increase continue sharing some information and that information or idea will helped other cryptotalk user..
  2. It seems like America and Japan are the two countries that use bitcoin more. And many retail have accepted payments with bitcoin at that two country.
  3. my thought, only the old generation still buy gold, if I look at the youth or the younger generation, they don't have much interest in gold but they do in the crypto, still its interesting when the dolar loses value or isnt backed by oil ..
  4. I just read some technical discussions on the Bitcoin forum. Wow, there is some really good stuff in there! Those subjects (e.g. on encryption algorithms, and validating transactions) go too deep for this forum, but it would be great when this place also got more quality content and less "noise". Maybe limiting the pay per post feature to the Beginners and General sections would help to get more in-depth content in the other sections? Edited January 2 by johant123
  5. I invest in several coins from this exchange, namely in YO, EGOLD and while this is all, I used to invest a little in AIR, but it was when this coin was really worth some money, and now there is no sense to invest in it. And what you invest, it will be interesting to read?..
  6. I mean excellent evidence connected with otc transactions. You have to note for being very wary as soon as dealing with like sites simply people are more inclined to receive fooled as a result of otc trading as an alternative to usual alternate..
  7. Hello , I know a friend from you country and he deal with crypto.. I asked him onetime about is using crypto is legal in your country ??? he told me yes! we sometimes pay for each other wit bitcoin! So I do not know a lot about that but I think it is good to ask someone in the government so they will give you good answers Thanks !..
  8. I think all new members should be in this forum. To do all things intentionally. No, one should not do it intentionally. And the work in this forum is very good. I think many people working in this forum have benefited...
  9. The price of everything in this world depends on supply and demand, including Ethereum.So to answer your question, one should check the supply & demand mix of Ethereum..
  10. It is true that cryptocurrency has great advantages. But I actually, cryptocurrency is a big drawback in developing countries because1. It contributes to corruption2. It encourages money laundering3. This makes their youth too desperate, which leads to the various frauds and hacking that we see today in cryptocurrency.
  11. I spent in cryptocurrency 2 hours. Something I have to spent 4 or 5 hours in a day. Though we spent a lot of time behind crypto but crypto gives me a great amount of money...
  12. The main thing you need to do is that develop yourself that way! Whenever you make a trade just stay up to your decision and make yourself clear that you did the right thing. And whenever you get nervous just take a deep breathe and have a walk. Trust me! It helps a lot!
  13. Digital Currency wallet is a online wallet to store your crypto currency i love trust wallet and coinomi wallet on Android huobi and tronlink is also a good choice।।
  14. Trading with bitcoin is a best way to earn money in short time. But investment sometimes don't bring money to us. There are no way I think Which can pay us like trading and investment.।।
  15. Any coin in crypto before bitcoin but bitcoin is the best for me. I think there is no coin in online is as good as bitcoin. So I think it will still in universe.।।
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