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  1. i think ethereum is most profitable and stable coin compare to zcash or monero. iam mining ethereum with amd gpu rigs.
  2. there no such good mining apps that provide you a good income source. minergate mining app can make few satoshis in day.
  3. i lost my zcash mined value. in earlier 2017 i begin to mine zcash with amd cards. but i hold them for 2 years then loosed its great value.
  4. blacksmith101

    BTC Mining

    solar mining can be a solution of higher electricity cost problem. my friend and me placed a solar mining in here netherland.
  5. both are great. but proof of stake which used in masternodes. and this is very easy and stable income compare pow.
  6. minergate is hardware and cloud mining company, and miner gate android mobile app can be used for mining but very less profit.
  7. i have heard many news that in nigeria, the price of electricity per kilowatt is very less. and asic miner can be profitable there but not sure.
  8. you really has lesser knowledge about electroneum. it doesn't uses cpu or gpu for mining it just like cloud mining.
  9. i think it would be best idea to turn own house into a mining farm. also your family member can look after your hardware's when you are in work.
  10. i really dont think it gonna possible within next 2 years. maybe possible after libra gets good popularity.
  11. blacksmith101

    USB Miner

    i also has no interest to mine with usb. since many youtubers saw their usb asic miners with megahashes, but i think it will burn out soon.
  12. i think mining doesnt creates pressure to your offline work not even need patience because its not trading.
  13. its legit but always watch out before doing any investment in cloud mining websites, since there are too many scam sites.
  14. i think mining are two types, hardware and cloud. there can be sub sections between those two types.
  15. normally hardware mining companies are legit, but majority of cloud mining websites are scam. look for reviews before invest.
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