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  1. Yes that is the fact especially when you don't have much idea about trading in the marketplace of cryptocurrency
  2. Every thing is risk in cryptocurrency you just have to trust yourself and put your money maybe you can make profit out of it
  3. My advice to you is make sure you consult someone that has been doing the trading job so he can tell you the best
  4. Cr7seven

    Hold or trade

    But the long term investment is more profitable if take a good look at the two, short term is for little profit while long term is huge profit
  5. You cannot trust anyone in life except your self in cryptocurrency world and always remember that experience is tour best teacher in life
  6. Trading is not for every individual is the community but you can join when you have the knowledge and experience of trading in the market
  7. Trading is profitable business which every individual is supposed to do when you have much idea about it. You can make huge amount of profit from trading
  8. But you know it will not be an easy task for the begginers in the community especially when you don't background of trading
  9. Litecoin is actually a profitable altcoin to invest in and have some profit. But for me I trade on the well known coin to avoid lose
  10. You will have to be wise when trading in the marketplace of cryptocurrency because short term trading can fail you easily
  11. Of course it is a good coin to purchase and now I think the price has started to increase in the market. XLM is good for you and me
  12. The initial point you have to make is to have in mind the coin of your choice and make sure the coin you are going for is a reasonable one so that you will nit face lose
  13. On normal bases cryptocurrency market is always not stable and the price of the coins fluctuate in the market but many coin pump when the year is coming to end
  14. Cr7seven

    Tabtrader features

    Thank you allot for this vital tips you share with us in this forum and I think using password is very important so that someone cannot get access to your account
  15. Bitcoin is the best coin he should put most of his fund in because it will five more profit at the end of the business
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