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  1. My advice to any newbie in the forum is that he/she should make sure they read the rules and regulations that is guiding the forum before they make any post
  2. You cannot predict the price of bitcoin as the price always fluctuate allot. Today the price if bitcoin is $9,700 in the market this morning
  3. Features matters allot when you want to select a trading site, for me I don't like the site that make kyc verification must and that is why I choose yobit
  4. Nice update and make sure you consult a old trader in the cryptocurrency trading sites before you join the raise and it will reduce your chance if losing funds
  5. Cr7seven

    Trading Tips

    I love this tips, I will surely emulate this tips so that I can make good profit out if the trading business and make sure you have valuable altcoins allong
  6. The risk attached to cryptocurrency is high and you cannot earn in some aspect unless you take the risk especially trading
  7. You can go bitcoin only if you have allot of capital in your account, trading is profitable business to do when you have the experience
  8. I think this will be determine by your level of experience in the trading aspect. You can actually earn when you know reasonable coin to purchase
  9. Yes, bitcoin is $9,700 in the cryptocurrency market today and I hope it will rise in the nearest future so that I can make profit out of it
  10. I think you can boost your earnings in trading especially when you know reasonable coin that have demand in the market
  11. I don't think this is the right time to purchase bitcoin but the time to wait because presently the price of bitcoin is increasing in the market, $9,700
  12. These coins are the best for me especially bitcoin for the reason that it has good position in the marketplace today
  13. I agree with your opinion on this and the best tip is to have the knowledge and experience of trading in the marketplace of cryptocurrency so as to avoid lose of your money
  14. I think all these depends on the knowledge and background you have about trading in the marketplace of cryptocurrency, anyway I like this tips
  15. In this case I see bitcoin as the best option for the reason bitcoin gives more profit than any other coin in the community
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