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  1. There are many advantages of cryptocurrency, but few's are below: 1. Transactions 2. Asset Transfers 3. More Confidential Transactions 4. Transaction Fees 5. Greater Access to Credit 6. Easier International Trade 7. Individual Ownership 8. Adaptability 9. Strong Security
  2. That's there, This is the big benefit of physical currencies, you can use it without any digital devices or electricity. This is the topic everyone should concentrate, that what will people do? when they are in the place where is no electricity or when they don't have any electronic device?
  3. I think its better to store coins, but investing is not a bad idea too. Cryptocurrency is all mind game. You have analyst which time which way is better to make profit, is it collecting of coins or investing it in something.
  4. Crypto is very useful for investing in it, but let suppose if someone inject virus in blockchain or in any crypto coin, then what will happen?
  5. As my personal opinion about the market of bitcoin, I will say that bitcoin will go low till November. And after November bitcoin will go up like rocket. but keep in mind that it is just a prediction.
  6. Yes, This is the thing what I fear the most, Hacking or Virus. If Blockchain got hacked or injected virus, then what will happen? That is why crypto or blockchain technology is not safe.
  7. The thing that influences the value of cryptocurrency is selling and buying. when people sell any crypto coin, it decreases that coin value and when people buy any coin, it increases that coin value.
  8. In my country, Here in Pakistan, almost 1/5 people may know about crypto. But crypto will known here very well if our government accept it. then it's news may spread over our whole country.
  9. I will chose Lite Coin or Ethereum Coin for trade, because I know these coins will overtake Bitcoin one day. And I don't want to lose by investing in BTC, Bitcoin is falling now days and I think it will continue falling in future.
  10. I have same thoughts just like you, I will also never leave crypto in future. but if crypto will fall into some kind of virus, I fear, what results we get from it? Will virus make someone rich and someone poor? Will it destroy all coins at once?
  11. Yes, I think crypto currency will be adopted by governments and will be centralized in future. But many people say opposite, they says that governments will never adopt it and crypto will never get centralized. So all we have to do is wait for governments decision which will may be change when crypto reach the top trending of topic everywhere.
  12. Only you have to open up some topic and post your replies to it professionally and straight forward. I means to the point. and for every reply you post should be at least 100+ characters and you will get paid 0.0001 BTC (Bitcoin) for each post (reply). But you cannot post more than 30 per day. I hope you understood!
  13. Hey, I didn't think I find any topic here about Valentines Day. But see here, finally I got one. And In response to this topic: Yes I will surely give crypto coins only when I rise in love with someone pious girl. who fears from God, and do right things in her life.
  14. No, Please never ever do that for now. But you can do this in future when crypto get centralized by your country's government. Only at that time you can convert all your physical paper currency into crypto currency.
  15. For now students can't use crypto for paying their school, collage or university fees. But in future, I think that every student will be able to pay his/her fees by just using his/her smartphone. And those days are not too far.
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