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  1. Yobit is one of the best cryptocurrency exchanger.There we can trade our cryptocurrency with low exchange fees.This exchanger more comfortable to use.We use ut very easil. I like this exchanger very much. Thank you.
  2. Yes, this is very known thing now a days that the hacker hacked your btc or coins. So you should provide a safe wallet so that your coins will be safe in here. You can also make your wallet private so that no one will be able to know about your money. There are many trusted side for btc and other coin.
  3. Well of course, it will be very good to crypto users who join this forum. Greet to the users of this forum wherever you are or what ever you are doing.
  4. It is depend on how you know about crypto market. The best time is when bitcoin price and crypto price decrease, this will give us more advantage to have more profit especially when crypto start to increase again. Thank you.
  5. Yes I love cryptocurrency project for all time it very good money earn side in the world. It is a wonderful choice full side here need only some money invest and working so I think cryptocurrency is all the best. This is very good for all type of man.
  6. I think that Multiple accounts should be banned and making an excuse like siblings, etc are already been used so many times and it's really unfair for people who only have one account.
  7. A stop limit order is an instruction. You send your broker to place and order above or below the current market price.What happens next is the stock will never breakout and will begin to reverse.Thank you.
  8. I am new in this crypto. I have no idea about this litecoin. I have never use this coin. Just I used bitcoin and Ethercoin.
  9. Hlw freinds I think To become a successful trader you have to understand the crypto main market. Because trading depends on a market and then do trading for experience with demo accounts. Good luck for all.
  10. This competition in indrustrial is something good and profitable there will definitely be someone who follows to compete. But Bitcoin has a long history of 10 years needing something more awesome to compete with Bitcoin. Also cryptocurrency has a community that shines in each segment will be a sign that cryptocurrency and tokens will always survive whatever happens .It's digital world future of the world. Thank you.
  11. I am a beginner.I am new in cryototalk. Your advice is really helpful for my journey in this group. I will follow all the rules of this group and don’t copy or paste other post or comment. I try my best to fllow the ruls.
  12. Hi frienid we know that every day we want to earn some from online. Crypto is good for it.In my country crypto is not allow because it is illegal. If my country allow this it will help for every men in this country.
  13. Yes the world is moving, and investment also has been changed with the new market and the new era, crypto trading is one of the neat source of investment. Thank you.
  14. There are a lot of online marketplaces and this cryptotalk forum is great for real-time earning. By using Yobit for trading and investing in cryptocurrency you can earn more. If you want to earn more, you can learn more about graphics design and wave design by working freelancing and getting more profit from the online market. Thank you.
  15. I have no idea about that how many bitcoin will ever be created. I think a lot of Bitcoin volumes are lanced but I'm not sure.
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