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  1. cryptocurrency reputation and name prices will increase in the future some of the currencies in the future will increase more people will use more this currency we can do something with a little currency like now we will do much better in the future. I can do more ,
  2. I joined this type of bots many time. But they don't give me any payment. But always say to send payment to them for claim my bonus. But I know about it. That's why I didn't send any amount.
  3. But must be accompanied by a real volume and also good security. As we know that many exchanges are successfully hacked, this will be very detrimental to users. So from that The priority for finding exchanges is security. But if you really only look for those with low transaction costs, you can try Binance or Yobit.
  4. we cannot deny the fact that it can help their country and the people of their country financially. But I think they cannot get any taxes on every transactions happening on crypto world but the government will always find a way to add tax on transactions.
  5. You should have much more than 50 BTC to manipulate the market because if you take all the market capitalization of cryptocurrency, you will see that 50 BTC is only a small percentage of all the money in circulation. There are other whales with more investments that have more room to play.
  6. when i investing some crypto coins because i have a friend that investing some coins that has a low value but this coin are be stable at the small amount of money so that before we investing some coins we need to know if the coin that we are invested is being popular to mass.
  7. selling at high prices is the basis of investment, I have to ask where I need to buy bitcoin at cheap prices, yes I can't see whether bitcoin is cheap or expensive today, I can only analyze bitcoin movements when prices reach prices lowest and highest. how do you know the low prices and high prices for bitcoin right now?
  8. when you need to practice your use of cryptocoins without risk because you can lose only coins you earned for free. I learned a lot using faucet payments to do trades at many exchange sites like crex24, altilly and graview
  9. If you buy a lottery ticket, you have a chance to win a prize. You can win with just one ticket! Of course, buying more tickets will Increase the chance of winning a prize. Prize amounts are based on the total number of tickets purchased during each lottery round.
  10. you are "Member" and you registered in this forum in December last year and made 996 post, which means that you are being paid per post, how is it possible that you do not know information like this? Search on: - how to buy bitcoin and where to buy bitcoin - Day trade, Hold - Technical analysis and fundamental analysis - Bitcoin news sites
  11. I claim everyday the whole day. My claims maybe in too small amounts but the fact that I wss able to claim them and see them in my crypto wallet,, wow such a big achievement already. And they maybe small now, but if I continue claiming them from multiple sites,, one day their amount will be big enough for me to use in investing or trading.
  12. I've never been experience get earned through airdrops. Someone says they earned by it, so I think it also depend upon our lucky. And now I'm tired joining on that activity, I rather invest in such altcoins such eth,xrp and bch or join signature bounties which were much higher percentage to make you earned btc.
  13. everyone would like to earn and avoid scam, because I know we are tired of scam and scammers, so this site is full with just and just the trusted sites in many fields, I mean there is not one field, but you have cpa, cpm, mining sites, and many more, if you have any suspicious site just type his name and you will find enough informations about it, anyway try it and please don't skimp me with your replies.
  14. To become currency the coin must have related history with country, XRP doesn't have that. Bank will keep use currency because government will never let XRP take currency place. So just let XRP still in altcoin market, take the benefit and enjoy the journey.
  15. you can buy Bitcoin (BTC), Litecoin (LTC), Ethereum (ETH), Bitcoin Cash (BCH), and Ethereum Classic (ETC). While we can’t recommend one currency over another, we can still share a few approaches that can help you decide which crypto is right for you.
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