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  1. Binance exchange has very low fee. I think their exchange fees low than other exchanger.Exchange fees are depends on what type cryoto coin do you want exchange.So you can use yobit exchanger to exchange your crypto
  2. It's because you are not reading and focusing. The experts of crypto gets it wrong most of the time it’s like trial and error. I’ve invested in one coin a while back and it hasn’t stopped dropping in value since 2017 actually it’s gone back to where the price was in 2017.
  3. I only earn from comments.Be careful to choose topics to participate because once the topic is deleted due to not useful and non sense, your comments will also be deducted from your counts and payments. Make sure to posts only useful topics.
  4. Beware of pump and dumps.And I lot depends on what is plan for that coin for future, or it's just coin with low price and I think that is not enough to buy some coin. When you want to buy some coin, it's necessarily to check news about that coin what is plan for that coin in a future that all affect on price.
  5. Yes my friend if I may ask have you ever been scammed. Its so easy to be a cake account in there and oretent to be anyone you want. With so many nationalities and the language barrier it's quite often hard to spot a scammer. Never hand any money to anyone on telegram in my opinion
  6. Obviously LTC is a legal coin.There is a lot of focus on the category of securities, where a project does the work but people expect earning a profit as the incentive resulting from the project's work product. Such an interesting time.
  7. Ledger offers two of the safest Bitcoin wallets on the market think trusted wallet is one of the best wallet I have ever seen. Now most of the people used this wallet. This wallet reputation is very good.
  8. Am very eager to see the launch of eth v2.0 l.iVtalik has always erred on the side of caution instead of pushing too early for updates as important as this. The irony of that alone makes me nervous, but in the end I do have confidence in ETH's ability to remain and clear continued regulation.
  9. I had someone calling yobit exchange a scam site.For Yobit, there are factors they apply for thier coins, which if you don't understand, you will fall out. Secondly, you will be stucked with a big withdrawal fees, which discourages you for early withdrawal. With this, I think people will learn to invest in coins and this encourage coin pumping. For me, I think yobit is the best exchange
  10. This is already happening in most with the western world are always moving forward in making almost everything digital, and currency is not an exception. Though we are still unsure whether global paradigm would accept cryptocurrencies as a standard in handling transactional data, or they'll stick to regulated fiat, just digital version of it.
  11. There's is no apps that will make you mine bitcoins. All them are surely a scam. But there are some apps that are legit but the only problem is is that only crypto currency like electronic or pi not Bitcoin.
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