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  1. Maybe we are every one of for that caring of fiddle and it truly put every single one of our investment in wound place. anybody bottle be a victim accordingly be heedful at what time it comes to crypto project.
  2. Use vpn, since endorsement protocols are particularly planned to responsibility off these types of attacks, a VPN ensures end-to-end encryption, creation you dull over municipal networks.
  3. We know that Cryptocurency is untouchable.we can exchange touchable thing to each other but it's not possible to run cryptocurency without exchange.
  4. Don't be afraid, cryptocurency go down for up, and go up for down, don't be panic just hold and wait to see what happen if you got to green candle single strat trading..
  5. Agree,It's possible to hack your phone when you are usinh public wifi/network, this problems solution is when you are in public network always use warp system you can choice with warp.
  6. In our country 30% educated people know about cryptocurrency,actually we thinking some time that no one know about this market but for sure everyone using and taking, giving their profit with hide.
  7. Digital currency can take place of real cash, but it's not possible for cryptocurency to replace with national currency,if any country do it in short time they will loss their economic power.
  8. In cryptocurency market most demanded job is trading and developing, If you have enough knowledge in this case then you will be success in short time for sure.
  9. Now youtube will not use cryptocurency because already they have digital payment system, if youtube accept crypto then the problem with show by government
  10. Don't invest all of your fiat in cryptocurency try to make it 20%-30%,example if you have 1000usd fiat then invest 200usd for long term and use 100usd for short term.
  11. Before make an investment in crypto you have to learn about cryptocurrency basic,tranding, blockchain.Then if you ready to invest in cryptocurency then choice which coin you prefer.
  12. Actually it's totally depends on which type of company you providing,if your company financial related then you can easily accept cryptocurency but the problem is government permission.
  13. Cryptocurency is illegal at this time that's why it's impossible to learn in any school, if any government add cryptocurency learning subject in school then it will be promote to crypto,which can't possible but we can see in future about blockchain and international currency tranding in school books.
  14. Cryptocurency main game is go up for down, so don't hopeless if you invest in lowest place your cryptocurency will go up for give you profit. what is in news or media it doesn't matter because media always make manipulate the current market.
  15. If i got 1000$,then i will invest 50% in cryptocurency, and 500$ will use for buy a pc, i hope it will help me a lot but it's impossible no one give me 1000$ it's huge.
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