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  1. In my opinion, Yes Creep Partnerships Structure, Creep Partnerships Natural Condition, Because Creep-Partnership Hall Protected and Was Presented Quickly Show Creep Connector
  2. I think he coined the coin for a long time, but unfortunately it is cool fans who do not register Dogecoin in the market anymore. Although this currency has been counting for a long time, the price is likely to drop often, so it is not in demand. That's enough
  3. In my opinion trading is the best way to make a good profit. However IT is very rickety. However after 7yo experience I can say that trading is just weird domain. That 's how I believe in myself.
  4. I mean, even I, I want to stop scammers, they are destroying us and destroying the Bitcoin world, the worst thing about printing scandals is that he is always scared of something like a nightmare.
  5. I think CryptoTalk and Yobit they are doing a good job we hope this project lives on for a long time, there is no problem with paying now and these two very good websites have validity. Thats all.
  6. In my opinion, don't talk to strangers. Most of our parents said this when we were young. Now, in your case, the moment he asks for help about his bitcoin, it's already a red flag. If no one is allowed in their country, why bother to invest in bitcon Things like this should be ignored immediately. Stop wasting your time. We should not trust anyone here online.That's motivate to all
  7. In my mind, the economic development of the country will be accelerated so that the legal BTC of India needs to be done. So BTC is a modern technology if they use BTC, the economic problem will be solved quickly
  8. My own view of this is, each person must look for information independently. Without independent action it would not work. This should be considered as your own business. Who cares, he'll find everything he's interested in. There is no specific link that can help initially ... or rather, there are too many to fit everything in one place
  9. In my opinion Ethereum is one of the biggest currencies like Bitcoin, but with its price recently I don't think he will catch Bitcoin in the future, Ethereum is still recognized as a payment method but with low prices I don't think he is going that far. This piece will inspire everyone.
  10. In my opinion, your investment will be truly rewarding if you invest in the right currency in the cryptocurrency world, but for me, my investment has proven to be quite straightforward to the Bitcoin currency quote. Good luck to all
  11. I think once you get into the life of crypto currency, this aspect is now added to your life as you know the daily prices and market position of crypto assets and so much news about crypto currency and I become more and more interested in the structure. Reading the various prices online about potential expectations for crypto currencies and finding out what their prices have been is no day without checking on some of my crypto price sites. And this is what will motivate everyone
  12. I think that Humans are so formed that they are not always fixed and from the course of biology we know that humans are very stupid animals, which have some basic instincts. Alas, this is just a parallel pattern with the psychologist when trading.
  13. In my idea, it is not possible if a country can invent their own currency in that country and Bitcoin in that currency can be transferred to their currency which can be used in these countries.
  14. Thanx for the compliment I think guys, we can consider crypto as our daily income, because if you use crypto you can make money and one more thing you can easily earn money. Here, like CryptoTalk, you can make money by sharing information, knowledge about the subject.this is enough to inspare all.
  15. In my concept that these countries will ban the cryptocurrency in their country because we cannot deny the fact that it can help their country and the people of their country financially. But I think they can't get any tax on every transaction that happens in the crypto world, but the government will always find a way to add tax to the transaction.
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