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  1. there are really very few peoples who actually knows the market analysis, i have seen too many peoples are loosing their money due to sackings fundamental knowledge's,
  2. i never use coinbase for converting my money. i always use local bitcoins escrow service. this is a p2p trade platform.
  3. i think litecoin will be in great value at the end of this year. as litecoin one of the top currencies in crypto so its higher chances to pump.
  4. i dont think something going to happen, because currency we dont have institutional investors and legalized over the world.
  5. there no 100 percent working strategies. so build your own skills by observing the market and learning by a good tutor.
  6. i think both trading style is gambling. because its very hard to make perfect outcomes with those time frames.
  7. i think best crypto trading site should be binance. because they have both exchange and margin trading features.
  8. i dont think anyone has claimed yet that they are 100 percent sure about market movements in trading. improve your skills by learning.
  9. what is your product actually does? is it a similar forum like cryptotalk? or any learning blog websites with trading tutorials?
  10. is it really legal to use crypto currency in iran? i have seen almost in all exchanges and icos they exclude iran every time. i think there might be some regulation issues.
  11. for being a good trader,you must understand the supply and demand. and identify the supports zone, it will make you perfect.
  12. i totally agree with your first point, there are huge peoples who dont have any specific trading plans. just always depend on lucks.
  13. its very normal, united states dollar is biggest major currency, if dollar value changes, it will effect all trading markets,
  14. holding is also a part of trading. so you must understand the trading for both margin and non margin trading.
  15. its very much important to believe on your decisions. because if you change your decision every hour than you must loose money.
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