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  1. If you are trying to asked is if your friend post you see today and you see it in another day this is probably happening here if that topic is active
  2. I agree with you because some user are needed some quote for some difficult topic and we need to help each other to earn and to grow up as one family
  3. Theres so many idea if you are going to invest in a big but i suggest to you is do not invest first in big start invest in little to big
  4. I think this forun is very helpful for those people who find easily an extra income like part time job and also for student who need a money to use for studying and some projects for school
  5. Well we all here hope crypto will last and forever more people helped by crypto as extra income and they use for everyday life this is important for those student who need an extra income
  6. That problem is really happening for some users that take a bug or error but i think you must to read again you preview post review it if some error of your post
  7. I dont get your opinion but if your point is following the rules thats good for new comers like me we shoul must follow the rules
  8. Its oknif you done the 100 post in one week thats good not really bad atleast you finish the 100 post in one week now you can earn its ok if you are slow and you must to being patience if you want to be succesful
  9. Thats true being patience is the one of the key become rich or being succesful this being patience they use in personal not only here
  10. I think the reason why getting banned because we dont follow the rules then after that we getting banned or some we post are not useful
  11. Welcome brother here and this is my advice for you you must to know the rules here and take some research about topics here before you post you must to reach the 100 post before your account get paid
  12. I join in this site 4 days to go my friends tell me this sites is the best for part time job online so i must to join i want an extra income
  13. You must to reach 100 useful post before your account will activated and after you reach the 100 useful post now you can earn but the 100 post is not counted in earning the next you post after the 100 will paid and in 1 post consider 1000 satoshi and the limit per day is 30 only
  14. It depend to you but if you have spend time in crypto you can do all 30 post in 2 hours or 3 hours it depends to your diligent
  15. Thats really good for other beginner who new here like me i want to esrn more bitcoin and i want to gain some idea how to prove ourselves to invest good
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