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  1. I only got 1 app its called microwork. I do earn by doing picture taking of stuff they posted on the app. The app focuses on training AI. So for me I'm helping others to develop new things and making money in the same time. Its a clean interface no adds, if your lucky you can do surveys too.
  2. Hi, I do used wallet and metamask and Trust. Yeah I used many wallets and distribute my income. On the security factor all of them are online and can be access by me. Its either they would email or text me if someone is about to open up on different IP address. I do like the because of its support, they can help you really. But then its for only filipino citizen. So I add metamask and trust to my wallets,, There are really tons of good wallet there,. Mins you also that this topic should be posted on the wallet section of this forum.
  3. Hi, good evening but I suggest that you just focus here at cryptotalk for a while, the market know is Bull, means that the price is to high for those apps to pay you BTC. I don't want to discourage you but wait until the market is Bearish again and those apps will start to pop up again cause they can now pay you. Those apps really rely on advertisement for there income. If the expenses are to high they tend to stop paying.
  4. Ladybact

    Airdrop scam

    That also happen to me before for being noob. 99% I should say trick me and also still my identity but few of them actually pay. I've done some research first before entering now to any Airdrop. My advice to you is don't used telegram. I haven't pay i dime with that app. If you really just put some effort on researching and have some connections just like this site. You could actually see what is real from fake.
  5. I joined here to basically know more about crypto, plus the fact that I could earn by gaining knowledge and sharing with folk just like me. This site helps newbies like me in the crypto world, we can read first hand those new adaptation in the crypto economics. I do hope just like me you could love this site.
  6. In my own opinion, they are afraid because they dont have enough knowledge about cryptocurrencies, if only people from the government can legalize it here and the private company promotes the adaptation of crypto assets. Then only Filipino, in the long run, will accept the new idea of cryptocurrency.
  7. Oh, Im a fan of OGN token. But I think you're posting an expired campaign of origin reward. Correct me if I'm wrong coz they already given me my OGN token rewards.
  8. It's already a full-time career. You see to be able to post like this now is a fruit of crypto jobs. Programmer, Developer, Graphic Designer, and Software Engineer are some of the few jobs you can venture on. Thanks to crypto.
  9. For me, It's good to consider teaching our family members. In the near future, I believe that we won't be seeing much cash. All are cashless transaction via cryptocurrencies. So, the earlier the better. I suggest that you teach them to save crypto now.
  10. Nickname: Laddybact Address: QC, Philippines Date Joined: 13 February 2020 Hobby: Singing Favorite color: Red Job: Public Servant Favorite coin: BTC and OGN. When you know BTC: 2019 Motto: Time is Gold.
  11. Just like you I am also new here, But for me the ways to earn cryptocurrency are by doing bounties, doing microjobs (I like this) , doing a blogging, by accepting payment via crypto, by trading and gambling.
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