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  1. Thanks for giving good suggestive tips to search, it should keep in our mind that we should research hardly when we post anything because it's a pre condition to get the reputation mark.
  2. Take my thanks for giving good suggestive tips, if we look properly there we will get many news about cheating and scamming, so first i think that security should keep it in our mind.
  3. If i create a chart of learning from it then the list will be so long, to inform that i am a student so if i mention the learning matter then i am so thankful to this forum. Because i learned many important things from this forum, not only that now my skill of writing has become improved.
  4. Bro i think now it's popular and stable forum, so it demands to invest without any doubt, After then your money so now decision your.
  5. When i am looking at this post it's time 2/17/2020 we arrived to 210181 in members this community. Not only that now it's a popular forum, where we can earn smartly beside learning many things.
  6. There is no chance for us that we will get this opportunity, but if happen it with anyone then i think he will get the Jackpot because it's now a Big and Dreamland.
  7. I think it's a result of democracy, it's can't be that new member can't through his comment in a old post. Every post always open for all in any time. It's my view that i am getting here that freedom so thanks the CryptoTalk authority. Thanks
  8. Actually i have no enough experience about Crypto Currency, Where we can earn smart money from these section. But if we don't become aware there are more chance to become deceived.
  9. It's a common problem of this forum, i have seen many this type problem , they always show that This IP banned . So we should careful to use it.
  10. If you search in online then you will get many website where no need to show the id, like Binance, Kraken, you can use it.
  11. Hey guys please don't worry be confidant at first you customize properly, and select every features properly then you will get good feedback. Because it's something different platform where everything is well equipped.
  12. Obviously there are big different between Foreign and domestic exchange, domestic exchange has no enough ability to manage and service. In this regard foreign especially Binance, Coinbase has the experience and remarkable customer's feedback. it's my view sorry for lacking of knowledge.thanks
  13. If i don't give you thanks then i will be hunger, bro thanks for you kind mentality, but i am not interested to mining, i think it's work of heavy machinery. Thanks
  14. Bro i express my opinion in order to your post then i will say you that cryptoTalk is easy, other like bitcointalk they are so hard, after that you can read the article to improve your knowledge about this. Thanks
  15. I have a Reddit account, that i created before 10 month ago, but yet i couldn't get hopeful improvement from it. But i see other account that they are doing well. Now my question it what's key of getting success. Please can you provide me any helpful information about this problem. Thanks all.
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