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  1. Often when a platform is compromised, platform owners compensate affected users, and this actually happened when Binance was previously hacked, as the Binance manager confirmed compensation to users from the SAFU Disaster Fund.
  2. Posting forums can make money very easily.And that is why he has to post 100 first and after 100 posts he will be able to make money for every post.
  3. China will release the digital yuan. It will not be cryptocurrency. cryptocurrency is decentralized and anonymous. These advantages will not be if China manages the new currency.
  4. i've been worried about my money when i investing some crypto coins because i have a friend that investing some coins that has a low value but this coin are be stable at the small amount of money so that before we investing some coins we need to know if the coin that we are invested is being popular to mass.
  5. Market has started very well and it tends to increase and it is having that capacity. And this 2020 year has started very well and and if this speed is maintained then surely we will get some good news by 2nd or 3rd quarter of the year.
  6. Trust our family or relatives to work together in storing digital assets and make an agreement if who dies first show our fellow accounts and passwords, so that your bitcoin legacy will remain useful. greeting the crypto world.
  7. Is there any app of yobit on play store? I think if there is the Yobit apk on play store, the first where we can find that is in the Yobit website, so I have not see any publicity about that, so I m not sure that Yobit app exist.
  8. In the today world instead of earning in the legal way people are making money using the scams and many other tricks to make people fool.
  9. All you have to do is sell yourself manually, what currency do you want to exchange bitcoin for, first? if you want to exchange BTC / USD you simply look for BTC / USD and there you can simply fill in the nominal that you will sell or withdraw.
  10. It all depends on what you really want to do. Web apps and contracts can interact with existing wallets. If you want to improve a wallet then your compiling in c++ or Go. If you want to build a new layer, nothing says you can't build it using your own language to interact with the networks. Things like Bitcoin JS is a JavaScript only wallet.These are the things you have to do.
  11. It does indeed have some dominance, but I believe in XRP more. Ethereum also has problems with scalability, that's why they're pushing Ethereum 2.0.
  12. You can avoid fraudsters by not downloading unsafe applications and you should refrain from entering unknown source sites so that after the hunters they send you a link on the e-mail for example and ask you to enter it for profit. An amount of money and when you enter it they steal all your data and also do not work on untrusted sites such as Investment sites make sure they are correct first so that your money is not stolen, as happened with me in the past
  13. Some see it as profitable because they are only convinced by a few cents Others argue that it is not profitable because their income is low for them
  14. It is very difficult to earn 1 bitcoin nowadays, there is no job, campaign, or even trading can earn 1 bitcoin per week. Maybe for a year someone can earn 1 bitcoin but now, depending on the condition of bitcoin, no one can earn 1 bitcoin per week
  15. Well your post is helpful for a new member . But I will suggest if someone has huge asset in crypto , try to save in ledger wallet . Yes ofcourse it's one time investment to buy a ledger wallet . But it's more secure.
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