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  1. I only done 17 post last night . It was my very bad record . Again INSHALLAH I will try to complete my target to get maximum points.
  2. yes i think crypto is best for future . because it provide earning platform . many student earn alot of money by posting on this website . these sites also increase the knowledge about the bitcoin and the cryptocurrencies.
  3. It is good , for the establishment of Bitcoin ATM in the nearest area. these ATM available in some countries where it is legal but in my country Bitcoin is banned , therefore no Bitcoin ATM exist in my country .
  4. I think bitcoin and the WB is entirely contradict to each other . WB is under the control of central authority while Bitcoin is decentralized currency it is never controlled by bank .
  5. be careful , never share your private key never share your pass code with anyone log out your wallet after using it.
  6. i think Bitcoin is the best currency . because it also provide earning platform . moreover It is the king of coins . It is the oldest most and the widely accepted coin . but it is banned in some countries .
  7. No , At that time the price of bitcoin increases day by day because its market demand increases , its number of users increases . if the progress occur at the same rate then i hope bitcoin will soon become international coin .
  8. It is very easy to convert the coin into fiat money by transfering the coins from the wallet to the exchange site , where they convert into money or other currencies .
  9. I think the top performing coin is bitcoin. Ethereum is the second most top performing coin.
  10. i think the best wallet that supported all the coin is trezor . It is not affected by malware It does not expose the private key.
  11. I think Trezor is the best wallet that support all the currencies . Trezor cannot be infected by malware and never exposes your private keys which make it as safe as holding traditional paper money.
  12. Stake wallet is one way of earning some profits from the coins . you simply deposit coin into wallet , keep them in the wallet and then earn money . Ideally staking , is the process that a cryptocurrency wallet uses to validate transaction in the network and then award you with coins as reward.
  13. where the advantages exist , there also exist some disadvantages . Disadvantages of hot wallet : Not safe for the secure storage of large amounts of bitcoins and crypto You might forget about the application being installed on your phone
  14. These are the top 5 lower transaction fee wallets : Blockchain wallet have super lowest transaction fee Xapo Bitcoin core Paxful Wirex
  15. roughaina

    Yobit wallet

    Yobit is cryptocurrency exchange plateform . i think that Yobit has wallet where people store their coin . by the help of yobit investing feature , people earn a lot of profit from the fund.
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