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  1. if it's like that, where can i get it all, please tell me, i will make a small investment and try to continue to gradually become big and work hard.
  2. The problem is, none of my relatives or friends can or have enough knowledge related to trade in the bitcoin market, so i tried to ask this forum.
  3. Yes on yobit i saw investbox tools, this is a bright spot for me to start knowledge for beginners, how to invest, this is the answer that i am waiting for. success for you.
  4. You are right, can you tell me, the initial strategy or the most standard strategy that you know, or even you knowledge that can be shared here, as a learning for us beginners.
  5. I was ready for all the risks that i would face so i was determined to invest. but i just need to get started. maybe there is a way in cryptotalk, can you tell me ?
  6. It is like that, therefore i want to start to invest, but i want start small as a first to learn, and i am still a beginner for this, i really need advice form professionals who are already in the field of bitcoin.
  7. Wow this is amazing, please tell me, where can i start, maybe there is a platform or site to register me ? or can you help me with this. you are right, i am very difficult to find a site that discusses how bitcoin develops, how butcoin can go down and / or increase its price, i have searched for the article, but not many provide the posts that i am looking for on its site.
  8. Nice information, can you provide one of the sites that raise the topic of the information you are informing, so that i can understand before investing. i am very interested about investing.
  9. I really need the right answer regarding investment, so please provide an answer that is very suitable for my question.
  10. Hay friends, how can i start a small investment ? i am really interested in getting started, and where i have to learn about good investment. please help me guys.
  11. This is very good information, i will immediately check my account, and will correct it. only this time i read a very good topic like this, keep up friends, success for you.
  12. for other platform i don't think it's as easy as this, and i think that yobit has a lot of fans besides the forums it's interesting, and can share time for other work as well as yobit.
  13. Cryptotalk can be a full time job for you, when you make an investment, so you will continue to make predictions, and you will automatically be always online, online to get the correct calculation for your investment.
  14. In investments you may lose all of them, or you can get everything, but you also have to pay attention to several aspects for your certainty in calculating. and you also have to calculate correctly so as not to lose all the money or bitcoin that you have.
  15. For me this is just filling my free time, and this can supplement my income as an ordinary worker, and can be useful for others too.
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