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  1. I dont know right from 2009, i dont know the price because i am still new to the crypto world, but i currently it is around 9000$
  2. The length of the required post should be less than 100 characters, anything less wont be accepted here
  3. I will recommend crypto for my friends so that they should earn just like the way i earn here too, i am not a greedy one
  4. Yeah it will but not for a long time as such, maybe in some few months from here
  5. If the likes worth it, as in if the reply they gave to your post makes sense to you, you can actually give them a like
  6. For me no need to add more than one topic in a section because making it three might cause a little confusion for people who wants to post
  7. It is very possible to create your own coin but to be honest i dont know how to carry out such, you can as well check the internet on that
  8. Definitely, because it will affect the cryptocurrency at large, it will make people to have less belief and trust in it
  9. If i am to rate my country in terms of percentage on how much bitcoin is done in my country, i will give it 25%
  10. Yeah, that will be very good in creating awareness about crypto as early as possible and instilling its love in their minds
  11. You wont face any problem and your account wont be banned, but if you already have an account on that new phone you might get banned
  12. It is helpful to me in the sense that i earn alot here and also i learn from what others post about cryptocurrency..
  13. This year is too early for such big thing to happen soon, maybe in 5-10 years time it can happen but not this year
  14. Definitely you will have to be wise, if not they will take advantage of that and fraud you of your coin
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