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  1. I'm from South East Asia and I could see a lot people still don't know what crypto or blockchain technology is. I belong from India, and India has not banned cryptocurreny also it has not made it legal. As far as I know, Russian regulators have recently been very good at cryptocurrency startups, and this process is gradually yielding only positive results. If anyone uses it, and if the government knows it, legal action is taken against it. However this case is been in supreme court and ongoing with hearings.
  2. Mainly when you tried to withdraw xrp then xrp withdrawal was blocked foe few time. the day after tomorrow I made an XRP withdrawal and found no errors and received them safely in my wallet. Now all are okay to withdraw from yobit and the withdrawal speed is high in yobit all time. I used to use doge coin but now the commission has grown a lot, then I stopped using them. it seems yobit has processed the withdrawal order and not an error due to an internet.
  3. Low volume tokens obviously have a higher tendency to experience a wholesome price increase but that does not guarantee that one cannot make enormous loss. agree with you, because if you choose a coin or token that has a low volume it will have a big risk so choosing the right one is good. But in any case, you need to be as careful as possible, carefully select the appropriate coins for investment to minimize your risks.
  4. I see most ICOs like that. but some projects managed to reach ico prices even more. The trend is increasing rapidly again, but it is not possible to determine whether the ICO or IEO projects this year may be more successful. This is always the issue when we think about the money than the methodology of the technology the supposes coin will bring.
  5. I think you need to buy some bitcoin because those dump coin are no hope and there's no lucky to be alive all of that now. The Ethereum ETN cryptocurrency update will be released soon, and many traders expect a long-awaited cryptocurrency price increase. It was widely used by the Dapps under the Tron network and most of them are transacting millions of Tron so there is a big possibility that Tron may pump. And o think you need to buy many bitcoin bexause this is the only will do e you big proft.
  6. Now I Trading on yobit and binance exchange. At the moment I am still trading on binance exchanges because I am still not familiar with yobit exchanges. I think it's best for crypto trading because here no need for any KYC to start trading where you can trade easily. Many traders and investors stay here. Today yobit total trading volume 3718 BTC according to Coinmarketcap. It’s really good. I think yobit better then all of them. There deposit and withdrawal system very fast.This exchange very easy to use.
  7. Now I like all cryptocurrency. Personally, now I am traders and crypto project community group moderator, Ambassador and marketer. It's easy to earn at home. It's make money easily and get a good trading or investment profit from crypto world. I think people just accept that the tech needs to advance more and become more consumer friendly before that can ever happen. And i first joined in steemit after joining the crypto world. Since you are one of them, you could share knowledge that a user of cryptocurrency must know.
  8. I think in future I will be able to cut a very good amount of profits from this 2 BTC. I thought it will be better for you if you will use doge coin for trading it is really profitable. The Ethereum ETN cryptocurrency update will be released soon, and many traders expect a long-awaited cryptocurrency price increase. The price is low now too so a good time to get in a minimise risk of losses. The rest are some Tokens that I cannot sell because they are still waiting for time to be traded.
  9. I think they will came back again and provide their users more good services. Although it may seem very sad that much of the world of crypto trading platforms has stopped, it also makes sense. I sort enjoyable profit by trading this replace but pair of month this conversation book is very low and countless addict don't habit this exchange. The actual system operates along with the actual BitShares system.
  10. I think blockchain offers many advantages compared to the current administrative processes. Think for instance of real estate ownershipay. Day by day blockchain technology is being incorporated by different organizations, demonstrating the efficiency of this technology. The primary use of blockchains today is as a distributed ledger for cryptocurrencies, most notably bitcoin. The primary use of blockchains today is as a distributed ledger for cryptocurrencies, most notably bitcoin. In the course of work, I guide the structure of its structure and help in better work.
  11. Yes. The best way to do this is called dollar cost averaging, where you choose a specific amount and duration. I think that's a good idea for saving your Bitcoin. in this time Bitcoin is most popular coin in the world. I think if people keep storing their money in crypto they would be very grateful when they see the price in the future and how far it will go. It will be enhance of you container barely invest into bitcoin orthodox up.
  12. I am reading first time this term of IPO, that will be a great step and will turn XRP to most popular coin after bitcoin. I think it's a PR stunt but maybe they are trying to get a hold on the traditional investors. An IPO by Ripple could be a big PR initiative, but the capital could also help Ripple to increase exponentially in mainstream media. As I'm new here I want some success this year and want to know more about crypto.
  13. I used them because many people are using it too and i'm one of the person that using some technology that is popular or trusted by many people. I use coinbsae wallet and also use block chain wallet. Yet CoinBase is the most preferred wallet for bitcoin storage in competition with BlockChain. The users of CoinBase can buy and sell (trade) bitcoins, but the users of BlockChain don't have a bitcoin choice.
  14. A friend of mine introduced me to cryptocurrency. I was though by a friend on WhatsApp that there is a way of income online if I am interested to join they pay by post. So I wanted to earn money from home and that's how i meet with cryptocurrency, Not only giving some extra earning beside my another work but crypto giving me some new knowledge too. I have learned about cryptocurrency I am now very profitable with trading cryptocurrency. I am trying to make income on many sites but self-income is low so many referrals have to be made.
  15. Although I do not know about this, I would like to say that the price of Bitcoin is fluctuating. I think people are still mainly bearish and that makes a perfect opportunity market to pupmp it further. Bitcoin is a market leader and it is proved by its dominance. Bitcoin price will fall naturally because Bitcoin is not a stable currency and Bitcoin raise most of the times. General Chat Chat LoungSo I think that all the bitcoins acquired here will not decrease in the future, but I hope to increase a lot.
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