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  1. Don't worry it is very simple and eazy for withdrawing cash from yobit, i wil explain it one by one to you, first go to click on your account user name then click on crypto compaign and then click on send balance to btc and then go to trade and then click on usd on left side and then btc and then sell your coins and the got wallet and click on minus where is btc and withdrawal it on perfect money to your bank or eazypaisa account.
  2. Selling of Bitcoin’s with yobit is very eazy and there is nothing new and hard to sell your Bitcoin’s, just open your account of and click on trade and then go to usd after that click on BTC so there will be appears a buy and sell options so click on sell option and then open your wallet and click minus and withdraw your money from different ways like advcash or perfect money.
  3. Cryptotalk currency forum is very useful for students because they can work here in part time at there home and colleges at everywhere, they should keep the care of rules and regulations of this forum to avoid themselves from banning, complete your first free 100 posts then do next 30 comments and you will be paid for these.
  4. I am from last seven days in this forum and i learned a lot from here about crypto and trading investing etc. I completed my first free 100 posts and yesterday i post 30 and i geted paid 30000 satoshi which equal to 3 dollars.
  5. As you are new bie and told then i tell you to don't worry about for how to work here in this forum, first of all you do 100 free comments then you have to do 30 comments for which you will be paid, for withdrawal of your money link your account to your crypto, the main thing for is to patience here and gain experience you will earn more.
  6. Invest box is very good for earning it gives you a less earning but good and safe, also check the dead coins if you see them then avoid it and if you want in invest box it will increases the value and balance of your earned coins.
  7. See the prices coins if they are up then that will be good time for trading also when the liquidity is high then trade, liquidity refers to how quickly an asset will be converted into cash, also see the market prices when you are trading.
  8. Yes avoid this one thing and see on the section and post them on thier own section to where it will be. If you post a code in the comments it will lead your posts to spam, spcially new members like me is to avoid this one thing.
  9. Yes newbies and old senior members also follow the rules of cryptocurrency for which they are working and back they are paid, if you not follow the rules of cryptocurrency or any other site you will be banned for short or for long time.
  10. It is very good for you that you have completed of your 1000 thousands posts, i think you should go ahead and start trading and investing because crypto has a huge space for investing, for newbies it is hard but from you it is very eazy, now you are full memebers and knows everything.
  11. People's said that the only goals that we are working here for cryptotalk currency to earn profits, but i think it is wrong, because we are learning a lot here from cryptotalk who promotes crypto currency, here are different minds and ideas memebers seniors and newbies from which we can learn a lot of useful informative posts from them.
  12. If you are taking for earning a short or less money you have to complete first free 100 posts and after that you will be paid everyday for only 30 posts, if you want to earn more money then you have to research on cryptotalk world because crypto has huge space for which you need high expertise in crypto and giving time everyday to cryptotalk and it depends on you that how quick learner are you to get and earn more money.
  13. To earn an reputation you just keep and share a good and new ideas in this forum and will be related to crypto from whose memebers can get a goid knowledge, if your comments are usefull then people reat on your comments and your reputation will be increases.
  14. I think it will not ban you when you are changing your cellphone, and there is no need for contact mubile number in cryptotalk account, you will be banned only if you are using same id address for different accounts and copy pasting with spam postings you will be banned.
  15. I have started crypto from last one week and i have no disappointment yet, all things occurs when you invest or buy and trade on your Bitcoin’s, i don't believe that it will be happened with me as to you, i am working till now and don't disappointed from crypto and continued my works, but if it occurs what you said will not be come again because you are now experienced for this type of issue.
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