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  1. Bitcoin is a currency and the value is current given by the meeting between supply and demand, and the value is recognized internationally. The bubbles exist on financial products, companies but on currency no and bitcoin belongs to this third category, probably the speech of having a bola on bitcoin is wrong because you are applying it to the wrong thing. what do you think, have you ever heard these bitcoin comparisons..
  2. This is good exchanges to support your trading and staking activity based on ethereum platform. Already has own coin ( TCASH ) and security system using private key and mnemonic phrases. Need your opinion about this exchanges depend your experience....
  3. There is no much impact but at least you are indeed active and participating in the forum. Dont forget to react if you have appreciated the response of your mates!This will inboosts the morales of the forum!
  4. We have different platforms and there are different social media that they run their own organizations in different ways. And they are using these media in different ways to keep people crypto currency free and promote their campaigns through various benefits.
  5. Always you must to have plan, and what is rich for you what is your goal. Example, your goal is to make 10,000$ you make that money after that you find new goal and always have goal/plan because without that you will always be lost.
  6. Don't panicked immediately because it could leads you to your loses. We just need to wait for our resources to come back and continue our business in crypto.
  7. I have read about zcash, it is also best pricacy coin as it allows zero knowledge proof to avoid tracking but i haven't tested any of them i am just sharing what i have read
  8. This is very useful for miners because when you want to mining a currency, you need to know on which algorithm works to be able to calculate the profit by knowing your computer hash power on this algorithm..
  9. OTC market are perfectly fine, the best market for buying and selling bitcoin and crypto outside a market trading platform in the OTC Market 100% trust, thank you for explaining it so well..
  10. it consumes huge electricity as well as requires big investments. However, people are still mining if their electricity cost is low. I was mining Epic cash for while but left it now.
  11. That is not a license for anyone here to disobey forum rules and guidelines. Because if we do not follow rules this forum will be like a chitchat and not about sharing knowledge in crypto. Anything has its own place. Behave and obey.
  12. I expecting to make my earned coins to increase as I wait a long time for this. I still believe for bitcoin's stability on the market though it drops significanltly for past few months..
  13. You must work every day, the best thing you can do is study, and learn from books, the signs and advice of Influencers are not the best option, you have to have your own criteria to understand the market.
  14. It's really good news for all crypto lovers. Now we Darley sat crypto is liigal not an illegal. How not accepting to join in crypto world, this give them good example to join hear.
  15. Bitcoin is the main source of money from cryptocurrency. we make money by selling bitcoin. so if bitcoin price increase we can earn more money. that's why we need bitcoincurrency price to increase .
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