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  1. Crypto forums are good improvers of English knowledge ranging from the posts you do to discuss with other members it really helps your vocabularies
  2. Do not look forward to to much. But I cogitate crypto in the opening find a bed of this day will be excellent to us. But be arrange to invest and grasp risks atimes
  3. certain governments are compelling toughts linked with creating their acceptable cryptocurrencies. Governments and mid banks notice the power of cryptocurrencies in the fiscal system and determined not to be left behind
  4. Of pattern it is we give birth to sundry platforms and nearby are unlike get-together media that they course their particular organizations in separate ways.
  5. That is not so Bitcoin can't and will never be considered a bubble but although the price can be sometimes but yet it's not a bubble
  6. The biggest enemies of cryptocurrency I will say is fear and lack of mind to take risks because it's a gain or loose market that requires time
  7. Cryptocurrency is the future of world economy my friend so the earlier you know this and start taking advantage of it the better it will be for you
  8. Yes it's risky but at the same time it is a pointer so while you can't totally depend on what you hear in the news about cryptocurrency it is still a pointer for you
  9. Austino

    Why Panic

    As it has been said those who are afraid to take risks are afraid of success but for cryptocurrency there is really no cause to panic because it is real
  10. Don't let nobody decieve you cryptocurrency is real even more real than bank notes so go on and take advantage of it
  11. Well to the best of my knowledge yobit are doing a great job when it comes to cryptocurrency and I see myself doing more investment with them
  12. Austino

    Btc Or Gold

    I do choose BTC any day over gold because cryptocurrency is the future and it's only best that I start investing in it earlier
  13. I truly think that would be a hard or easy stuff depending on whom you contact for guidance but just try am sure you will find
  14. Altcoin is the next big thing in cryptocurrency I guess from the predictions coming in from expers in the crypto m market
  15. I don't really know the actual reason behind that occurrence but hopefully it will get sorted out soon and it will bounce back
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