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  1. Best on my own prescription ICO simple mean coin offering when new project launch. That's all i can said about ICO. Thank you for your suggestion you are welcome mate.
  2. Well, You are highly welcome to the world of Cryptotalk. For posting you must post something or topics which are useful and meaniful post to the members. Also you must reached 1000 post. After that then you are enable to earn.
  3. You are welcome mate. As usual this is great forum which give us chance or opportunity to earn money and also learning and acquire more knowledge. Thank you for your suggestion.
  4. Go ahead but all you need is to obey by the rules and regulations of the forum also post useful topic and meaniful post and keep to remember that all your post the wouldn't be paid by the forum.
  5. You said right. No food for lazy man. So try to do good and you will see good. Always be patient and post or comments a useful and meaniful post to all members or to forum.
  6. I think majority here are using litecon for for transfer because it is very low fees than the other sites and that is why every one is willing for and it also take lees charges for transfer.
  7. Actually am totally out of idea about this your topic because am still a beginner here but i will be happy if will have some one to explain it more for me. Thank you for sharing this very good information.
  8. Don't worry about that just keep on going the problem its all over just wait for some few minutes or hours everything will be okay. Always be patient my brother.
  9. Please obey the post rules here. Anything like video link are not allowed so always becareful and don't try that but you can contact the moderators for more information.
  10. Thank you for sharing this wonderful information. Because I don't know that the yobit exchange contains fake coins. Always invest on any top exchange listed coin. But I'm aware of everything. You are welcome mate.
  11. Well, but think that are the only ways to earn money or currency actually there are many ways to earn money easily more than you mean. For more can search and see them.
  12. You are welcome mate. As a newbie you must reached 100 post for verify your self and the limits os 50 post per daily. Then after that then you are enable to earn 1000 santoshi by 30 post daily.
  13. You are welcome mate. Really appreciate you for sharing this very good information. I don't have much to say because i don't no anything about all this but naw I'm aware of everything. You are welcome mate.
  14. Thank you for your information's. As newbies you need to learn and understand the rules and regulations of the forum before joining. So becareful with all this rules. To avoid facing any challenges.
  15. Of course there's time limitations between two post and this problem is all over its all the way from the admin or moderatorsor. Before the time limitations was 5min but naw it has decrease to 2-3 minutes.
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