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  1. In my opinion, The problem that all markets are red all people sell and stay away from dangerous of Korona virus. That would be the main reason for decreasing the price of bitcoin .
  2. Well, I don't think so but everything is possible when we talk about the virtual world, maybe there will be something more exciting than cryptocurrencies who knows
  3. Well, now you can just buy gift card using your Bitcoin and then you can use it in Amazon website to buy anything, but right now using Bitcoin or others cryptocurrency in Amazon impossible because doesn't exist.
  4. Well, My family in part and my closest friends trade in the crypto world, initially they did not believe that but had felt their results as broken by a refutation argument from that stupid theory.
  5. Well, I think here there are many members who start getting their first income between 2 to 3 dollars and the knowledge! Although i am one of them.
  6. Really that a was a huge drop and a good opportunity to buy some of them. we all missed this chance i think, but don't be sad guys there will be more opportunities like this in the following months/years, just wait patiently
  7. Yes this idea is more than great, but I only have one problem, which is how do I get 2 BTC ?? !!! I only have a few bits of bitcoin so how can I get 2 bitcoins. Maybe this is easy for you, but it is very difficult for me.
  8. Yes my dear friend you are absoulately right, I think so. corona virus will not destroy our bitcoin and its blockchain technology.
  9. No my dear friend, I am not blaming myself that I join in here. In fact, I am happy that I am able discover this forum because I have earned money without such physical effort required.
  10. Well, I think this is one of the advantages of bitcoin that its maker is unknown and all that is known about him is his name, Satoshi Nakamoto only.
  11. Well, In this situation where prices are dropping dramatically its the time to hold bitcoins not to sell them with loss because you might regret when the price pumps in and that's my opinion on this one thanks.
  12. Well, I think we should be more careful, there are many ways that we can protect ourselves from scammers. Do not share any personal information, do not talk to strangers about your cryptocurrency. Never click on an unknown link
  13. Well, it is not happened to me and hoping that it will never happen to me because for it is the most terrible thing that can happen to me because this is the only way I am earning my money.
  14. Yes I have heard of review hunt but I believe that it's not easy as we all think there is alot that is involved that we don't really know of but I strongly believe that trying ain't wrong.
  15. You can earn when you buy a currency at the lowest price and sell it at a higher price. Here you must follow the market conditions to identify the currency that can form the expected profit.
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