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  1. The newbies don't read and if you don't give them direct links to the post, they can't find. Even funnier is they don't even try, some newbies just copy and paste everything.
  2. I think, because there work is to monitor the movement of the organization and how do the users participate and post and also monitor the posts posted by the users are the relevant to the forum rules make warning to those that violate any of the rules.
  3. I have heard of earning a max of 30000 satoshi for making 30 posts of your own or just by replying on 30 posts of others. It depends on how much time you have to invest in this.
  4. Learning how to trade especially because this is one of the most source of income in crypto. Trading in yobit platform is really easy because you just need to go to the trade section and then select the coin you want to buy or sell then you are done.
  5. I think about your suggestion yesterday last night but I did not complain. because one of my friend told me maybe he is a poor man and he taking benefits from this site if you complain him they will block him that's why I did not complain.
  6. This information is very important for beginners and everyone should follow it, but getting alert points is due to the members ’failure to adhere to the rules set by managers and they have several degrees. These points start with a temporary ban and end with a final ban.
  7. That is very hard to understand your question! Is final balance after transaction? Your question is not easy to understand but I'll try my best to help you the final balance means that you will the amount which remains after all the calculations or in your case we can say that the amount after the transfer will be called as the final balance.
  8. Yes the market does have different conditions. So, for instance, people can have a strategy for bear and one for bull, or one for high volume another for fast liquidity, one for short, medium, long term. So always make a strategy and then do anything you are trying to do.
  9. You will get upon the number of post or comment you make here and reputation is something that is earned when somebody reacts to your post or comment. Yes it is important here in this forum.
  10. It's a legit and real earning site don't worry about this site you just need to make useful post and get bitcoin you have make 30 useful post daily and earn 0. 0003 bitcoin every day so you start to make 100 post and then you will be able to make 30 posts daily.
  11. You are right it's not most usable currency while you need bitcoins to buy any other currency but now ethereum martlets is also available and USD pairs to i to think ethereum is most use able currency.
  12. Let see the post and I think make valuable and informative post is rules but created is very hard. You can ask people who already pass 1000 post about this. Just try to use good language not local, replace your post on the right section, make more than 100 character.
  13. To earn bitcoins, we have to post firstly 100 free posts then for every 30 comments or posts were get paid for every day. But your comments should be eligible to campaign to get counted. If your comments gets no count then you can post more comments to make your 30 posts of day.
  14. I have seen many users here posting and creating useless topics which are deleting and this also have negative effect on our useful posts i think people need to do good research before creating any topic and article.
  15. Based on your knowledge and writing ability, it may take between 3 - 6 hours to make thirty useful posts. If you are busy with your job, you can still earn some money by being active here. You can divide your time per day to allocate at least 3 hours to your activity in this forum. You can invest the amount of BTC you earn here in Yobit exchange or do trading with it to make even more money.
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