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  1. Please how can I increase my reputation because I want know about it so that I can't be making mistake on that again.
  2. Sometimes it use to happen to many of us,but we don't know what cause that to us because we have see it still it will reduce what is cause that.
  3. Up to now I didn't fully understand what the reputation is meaning about because I have never understand it before because it looking confuse to me.
  4. I have never long we I join this platform but i have learn a lot of think since I join this platform because I have learn how to trade.
  5. I didn't have idea how many you can be post and it will be consider or not, but I want to know about it please.
  6. Yes because many people Will not be safe the way we have done because in this time around we have see many things in life.
  7. Yes it can be possible to lose yobit account because some of us didn't register yobit with, what he or she can remember easy way.
  8. The beginning should not be share is private account detail to anyone that is didn't know well so that it can not and hack him back.
  9. I didn't even have ideas what the moderate standard for, so I can't say anything about it now. I sorry guys .
  10. Please I need any example how I can download the cryptotalk app because if they have the app it will better for us to be use.
  11. I notice that many people are getting success on this sits so why can we to have successful too because believe this is place of success.
  12. Please have anyone who know how the bitcoin ATM machine work because I want to have ideas how it work so that I can learn from it .
  13. Cryptotalk didn't have the referral is only have one referral that the someone that tell you us referral in the crypto, because is the one who introduce you.
  14. We should be believe that the cryptotalk is good place of invest and trade, then we can now think which coin are we going to buy or trade on it.
  15. Is they anyway you can reply on the same topic because I want have idea how that is possible happen, because if I do that my point is not use to increase.
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