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  1. At the future i really need to invest on bitcoin i will see my self among the investors that we get a lot of profit, of course we have to collect as much bitcoin as possible.
  2. DAI has gained a lot of popularity. Many people are now thinking about investing in this currency. The value of the currency may increase in the future. And the price of these comments This means you can easily convert DAI to Ethereum and use it.
  3. I think its aproximately less than 10% in my neighborhood and in my small town province ,except for me I don't know anyone who is using crypto about crypto in my country, i am really trying to teach some friends but still difficult to teach.
  4. Short term trader the best time to trade is when the coins starting to bullish and pumping. But if youre a long term trader the best time to trade of currencies increases rapidly like what is happening this past few days.
  5. Token is great token. Bitcoin is leader of all coins. Yo token will take a long time if you can overtake Bitcoin But as yobit is a good exchange and yo token also will perform very good.
  6. Investing only 100 USD every month, because i don't have enough money. I always buy bitcoin especially when price of this are in dump. Because i earn more price drop, and selling during the high price creates wealth in the short term.
  7. Any issues with their current payment method right now. I really do not think it is possible for the next couple of years that they will be using cryptocurrency because many people are still not knowledgeable that is monitized on youtube, there is a possibility that they will pay their influencers with crypto.
  8. Here Real life gone dead have to make money online or in medical departments. In most of the countries Offline job is better for newbies, but most of the people the team members and dig more if i can. What is the project about and how will affect the future.
  9. Cryptocurrency has a bright future, I am sure that more and more people will learn about it, invest and will stop being afraid and doubt it. I believe definitely be said that Current time is crypto time I think it will be definitely change for more.
  10. Always been good at dealing with a few coins, working on one currency may not be so good, but I am dealing with three coins I am very interested in crypto, and incidentally my local exchange only provides bitcoin.
  11. In my country many people are using crypto more than 80 percent people the government that does not have free trade or the value that is believed.
  12. I think yes.because for currency possible for sove unemployment problemes.unemployment problem is very big problem for any county earn a lot of money from crypto and earn his livelihood and his country got a established.
  13. subjects such as math, history, etc. But if it's not connected to our course, we won't be able y use them. I think schools must have subjects that teach students how to invest in crypto and knowledgeable why not let us tell them that we can use those ideas and skills to use to make money with the use of cryptocurrency.
  14. Bitcoin as being quite cheap now , because we seem to have finally broken out and left behind the bear market. After almost two years of continues also not profitable because the price is not moving and it same as bitcoin at high price.
  15. Is the current sitaution of every and each country to has millions of unemployed poeple who are seeking a job to do. But this crypto trading and this can use those ideas and skills to use to make money with the use of cryptocurrency at the same.
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