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  1. Bitcoin is considered as a digital currency in the world and you can invest these amount in any financial institution to earn profit
  2. Some times i am worried about the fake projects because scammers are here between us but we can not recognized them
  3. Yes yobit apps are available in play store but their rating is low 4.1 that is not compare as their popularity between the people.
  4. Risk are occurs in any times due to changes in price rates so we need to firstly invest some amount of money if it gives profit then put all amount in investment.
  5. The first goal is to earn money but it is also helpful to increased the knowledge about there thats very important
  6. I advised you to invest in a new place or plotting because there is more profit in this types of investment and low rate of risk
  7. No i am a new user and did not about these bonus. I try to spent my time in this forum to incresaed my knowlefge
  8. No i think it is not a good idea to convert all your fiat into bitcoin due to up and down in bitcoin rates so i think it is a high risk to convert
  9. The hardest thing is that to teach a new users on this platforum because they have no idea how to work on this forum
  10. Totally i spend 2 to 3 hours in a day to complete my activity and ear a high profit to stable my life
  11. Scammer are here any sites and scam through mobiles now a common thing so you need to be more careful in this types of such activities.
  12. Yes you can considered it as a bubble as you wish you can say any name based on your wish. Bitcoin are increased their price day to day
  13. It was a good idea but there is no these types of gifts available firstly you need to exchanges yobit wallet into local currency in your country.
  14. Crypto talk is best as compare to social media because in this platforum you are earn a 1000 santoshi for per comment.
  15. Its depends on the country to country to pay a tax on transaction. When you are exchanges in your bank and convert in local currency then you need to pay some tax.
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