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  1. Crypto talk is very beneficial for the students As students can learn new things about crypto currency and earn at the same time to this will increase their trading skills and pay them as well so it's good for students
  2. Yes it is normal if you have completed your hundred post in one week of time i also took 6 days to complete my one hundred post so its normal so stay working hard and earn hard thanks
  3. Actually I don't know about the charges that are applied on converting from one currency to another so please if anyone knows about this thing then please share the information this will be a great help thank you
  4. The first piece of advice to the bigger is that you should thoroughly read the forum before commenting or posting anything as this will give you an idea of what to do and what not to do in the forum As this will increase your training skill and make you earn money to Shaheed the form carefully and read the post also to get better day by day thanks
  5. Trading is profitable in many reasons such that we have no time limit when we are free we can do trading any time and the other thing we can make benefits just by spending 1 to 2 hours a day which is not very much as compare to the other jobs
  6. As I am a beginner so I don't know much about this topic so if anyone knows about this topic then please share the information this will be a great help for me and for others who don't know about this thing thanks
  7. Thanks for the comment as this contains very beneficial information for the new bees which have just entered into the forum this will help them to learn about crypto currency and earn at the same time to so I appreciate your work and thank you
  8. Since I am a new user I have never bought bitcoin from the credit card as mine bitcoin from the credit card is a time taking process and needs a tons of confirmation before buying so try to ignore purchasing bitcoin with a credit card surely this may help you out thank you
  9. No you can't do a new comment if the topics are same as the thought for the topic will be same so you should not comment twice on the same topic as this can make your account ban So stay within the topic and reply according to the topic thanks
  10. Telling about expectation this forum is up to the mark as a it has been only one week since I have been using this forum and I am learning from the forum and earning at the same time as this is increasing my trading skills and making me earn money and I think that it should last long so that many users can gain knowledge and earn money to thanks
  11. Interesting question personally if I am telling that I am learning from this forum then this is the truth as I am learning about crypto currency and earning at the same time and this is increasing my skills for trading and I am improving day by day thank you
  12. Yes it is surely possible you can transfer your bitcoin to the yo bit account and then convert it to the desired currency from the yo bit and it will reflect in your account within 24 hours may this help you thanks
  13. Honestly talking about the safe wallet is yo bit You can keep your money safe in the account and then withdraw into your bank account by converting it from BTC to your desired currency thanks
  14. Honestly this is a part-time job as only working one or two hours a day we can earn from this form so it's a part-time job some people can be benefited by using multiple account on multiple devices and can make it as full-time job so its your choice chose the suitable thanks
  15. First of all thank you for sharing the information you are providing a good information as many of the users don't know about the scammers and they get scammed very easily So this post is very beneficial for the beginners who have just joined the forum gain the knowledge and earn hard. thanks
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