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  1. There are many advantages of cryptocurrency as you can earn money online just by investing 2 to 3 hours a day and its worth of time its lightning fast withdrawals and many more
  2. My best way of earning online is investing money as this will make your profit and yes not evertime profit but you may learn from your mistakes and grow easily thanks
  3. I can understand your problem friend wait for some time it may be any glitch but if you still face any problem then search in this forum and you will get help defenately
  4. To get rid of negative comments and Reaction is that we should have a good knowledge about the forum and the crypto world so you cuold raise useful questions and help others this will increase your positive image thanks
  5. No never as there are shortcuts to huge income and high value returns its fake but advertisements are made to manupulate us not every add i can say but maximum of them are fake
  6. If I’ll get 1 btc for free then surely I’ll invest it and yes simultaneously I’ll do mining also this will create a backup for me and i may get profit
  7. Its been 8 months i have started learning about cryptocurrency and yes this forum is helping me achieving it and i am also earning so its good to learn here
  8. Facuets are just waste of time no i am sure that you can’t earn 5 dollars a week so try to give your time in this forum and you can earn 3dollars a day so do it thanks
  9. Yes brother you are right if you will invest one or two hours a day in this forum then easily you can earn two to three dollars and yes you will get knowledge about cryptocurrency too
  10. First of all thank you for sharing such important information with us as many of the new users do same mistake so i think this will help others and thanks
  11. Yes I consider myself lucky in the crypto world because here you can get information and earn money at the same time so it’s a good platform to gain knowledge and earn money at the same time thanks
  12. Yes you can convert ustd to into yobit when you open yobit you will get option to convert your money but some of the conversation fees are high so convert to the least fee and its done thanks
  13. Yes i do agree with you following each other will help each other as we can raise query and Get solution easily this will increase knowledge and we will grow easily thanks
  14. No this will not effect i have also been with same query and i am not facing any problems amma think same for you too i think this will help you out thanks
  15. Nice piece of information shared by you thanks for sharing it with others as many users have difficulty in deleting our posts this will help many people to solve their problems thanks
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