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  1. That's a good tip mate, but fro now, I don't think I am interested in investments, I don't have sufficient funds in my wallet but I will try and invest immediately I have huge funds.
  2. I would like to give crypto as a gift,where people who don't know about crypto when given a crypto will get better,they will get to know crypto, because they are given a gift.
  3. There is no special time, I think it can pump or dump anytime, because for volatile market but I think this good to enter in market because market lowest bottom now if invest then we can earn good within 6 month.
  4. This forum really helps to increases our knowledge about cryptocurrencies, if you want to stay with crypto,and also want to stay updated then cryptotalk is a best platform for sure.also you can earn from here by good posts and comments.
  5. I would advise you to just be aware to the conversation, especially if the user is unknown, because if you ignore and just want a quick income, there's a chance that your effort will be gone in easy.
  6. I think the biggest enemy of cryptocurrecy is the banks, who feel that they will be out of business if crytocurrency is preffered by many.
  7. For now, it's hard to predict , because I was waiting for the price to rise, until I saw it falling every minute, I can't give an exact prediction, maybe the price will increase more than you thought in a short time.
  8. Of course, I think everyday life we are seeing new adoptions and in future we will see a massive adoption in many of different fields.
  9. Indeed the world of Crypto is very big and I am still learning everything. Even trade, investment and other things that I still don't understand, that's why I am still here and want to know more about this Crypto.
  10. To be honest, I think if they just read the rules they wouldn't have any problems with anything, everything is in the pinned posts in each section.
  11. This is a good and useful suggestion you have made, We can do it,i amwith you, I also know that so many people’s in the world they have no house no property so they always suffer in everyday life. We should take some idea such as that we can solved this problem,
  12. Not sure about that, Bitcoin had grown in the recent years very well but it cant replace fiat money,because there is a huge difference between both the types. Also many people doesn't know about Bitcoin.
  13. Yeah sure, you can comment on the same topic but make sure that it does have long interval because if they do have a short interval, chances are it will merged, make sure its helpful to another member.
  14. In my own opinion, I will suggest you to never open your account in another phone, except yourself and never create multiple accounts this will prevent you from being banned.
  15. Although I am new to the crypto world, but one thing I knw is that you can't predict the market value perfectly. So be cautious and be ready for anything "rise or fall" anything could happen any moment.
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