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  1. I think crypto earning is the fastest way to make money online and that make it cool , but scammer is lot,and it will be good enough if it has many people it this option.
  2. I don't comprehend what has happened to KipToo and I know Kipto has no issue in February. On the off chance that you can fix the work precisely the manner in which you need it to work, at that point I don't hope to be an issue.
  3. On the cryptocurrency market, as well as on other exchange platforms, everything happens in cycles. As always, at the beginning a growth cycle occurs, accompanied by the formation of an uptrend. And then follows a recession cycle
  4. There are many things that can be happen and the worst of them are the deletion of the coins as there are many fake coins and if you invest on it then you will regret for this mistake that's it.
  5. We did not know the exact reason why youtube ban Crypto videos but maybe could be because of scammers I guess because newbies are easy to scam if they see good offers.
  6. These coins are the best user to convert to Digicon and start trading because Digicom can sell this freakinotly better to its subsidiaries than other days.
  7. Whether this crypto is your credit card unit card is real or not, this is definitely the best part about it. That is the reason we start to generate businesses, get Bitcoin and other content. There is no doubt that we will be facilitated with the following unit card.
  8. Thank you for the information and knowledge that you have shared with us. What I know about crypto currency is that here people can quickly get money even though it requires process and perseverance as well.
  9. It looks like fluff operated now's heading towards start-up enjoy you find out at present, ethereum, bitcoin bucks and even ripple grow rate and even mainly because in bitcoin.
  10. It is not really popular because many people think that bitcoin is a scam or maybe they think it's a scam because they don't know how it works. But this generation people in bitcoin increased here and i think people slowly adopt it.
  11. No only in your country because many countries ban cryptocurrencies. But, if I am the citizen of such country I will still invest in it because I am very sure politicians of the countries might be investing it it and people will not know.
  12. I'm planning on not to store any amount of Bitcoin after halving. I'm thinking of cashing out all my balance.but if it's price will continue to rise then I'll keep it for a few months till it reach its highest value.
  13. Well the price is not gonna go up till after march 2020 for bitcoin ,as there are predictions that prices will go a little high but not too high, and some other coin prices will also go high around march.
  14. I won't be amaze if the estimate is at rest the after halving. bearing in mind what has happend during the after everything else halving. The final halving takes a day or accordingly until the value of bitcoin went skyrocket.
  15. Bitcoin always be paramount Crypto for investment exceptionally this day Bitcoin raising from the foremost week. hence we be supposed to accept bitcoin
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