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  1. That is absolutely how to deal with life especially when you are into exchange business
  2. Is it that seniors don’t post but only comment? Because i have not seen a single senior post before
  3. Do you think there’s anything one can do about it?
  4. I totally agree with this too i mean it’s like a part time work
  5. I totally agree with you, its one of the best forum so far
  6. I’ve learnt so many things the new topics created by people
  7. WHENEVER you want to post make sure it’s a reasonable post so that you can earn
  8. I think by making reasonable comments on cryptotalk you get to earn BTC
  9. They make duplicate post, they break rules, they make abusive post, they post about politics, they fail to make reasonable post
  10. As a newbie just make your first 100 posts and start to earn money
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