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  1. Nickname: athra Address:Baghdad Date Joined: 2020/2/14 Hobby: read ,discover Favorite color: black Job: department Favorite coin: dollar When you know BTC: 2019 Motto:Stay strong no matter how life struck you
  2. It is true your words that it requires a little time. You can comment and post during free time or rest
  3. Thank you very much for your advice. I took advantage of it and read it carefully. Thank you again, and for alerting us to this topic. \
  4. Very good, I hope you reach one million people, not just a thousand people ... Thanks for your advice to us because we are still in the beginning
  5. Hey, I'm new here too, it depends on your interactions on the site the more money you can and you can do it while you comment on the post or create a post or ask questions, then you can earn money
  6. Hi everybody, When did you join this site, and was there someone who helped or learned yourself? I am new to this site and I want to listen to your answers can benefit me or anyone else💓
  7. Me too new here.but someone help me . advise you to consult someone here who is proficient in everything on this site
  8. In the beginning, you face the difficulty of not knowing everything on the site or understanding what he wants, but in practice the time becomes less possible, it becomes from 3 hours to an hour or less
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