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  1. I am new here I don't know much about reputation but I think I you follow the rules properly that is if you are providing correct information to others through comments and posts you will be know as reputed person cause everyone would like to follow your guideline
  2. I don't think that investing on Bitcoin is unsafe it's getting common nowadays I have seen many of us are using it and never heard about the complaints but don't now for how long this will be accepted since bit currency is threat to government currency it may get shutdown in coming future.remember life is full of risk
  3. Looks like it's easy to convert btc to ltc since I am new here I don't have any new methods to do conversion procedures I coming future I will follow the same thing as suggested by experts and seniors in your post and it's completely easy
  4. Yes it's fine to promote cryptotalk to your friend cause it's a new way of earning additional gain and any one can fell comfortable here cause you don't have to give a lot of time. just a few hours in a day will help you to gain additional amount of fair through this site,but remember rules comes first follow them properly it's for your safety
  5. Since I am new here let me know first all about cryptocoins,let me collect a lot of cryptocoins by being regular here you are not much helpful to me right know in my corrent state but you can help others who are in need hope with this post you might be helpful to lot of members..
  6. After you made this account you have to go though it's rule thoroughly and don't skeep any rules cause all of it are important for you to start your journey for a longrun I am new here and had gone throughy with the rules which had helped me to know many things about cryptowold and will help you too so experts and seniors are here too help you hope you will be helped with your questions soon.since I am new her I would not like to provide any misleading information which I am not sure about
  7. I don't know much but sir if you will be regular and give some time with curiosity I can't definitely say that it will help you a lot the more you explore more you will get financially as well as you will know manythings about cryptotalk and sooner or later you are going to fell this as like our mentors thank you
  8. I am new here and this topic too,I would have liked to help you but due to being unknown about all these things and being a new commer I can only assure u that some of our experienced member will definitely come up with the solution of quere you have asked for thank you
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