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  1. That 2500 post for me is in different level.I'm not sure if gonna reached that post..Stay long in this forum is my priority.Learning and earning here is the best.
  2. Yeah your right,but i think we also making hardwork for this earning free bitcoin..specially we spend our most precious time..So finding some legit sites like this forum is the best.keep earning
  3. Hi there,if you want to learn about cryto then my advice to you is this, Find yourself what are you really want.Try investing,trading and focus on reading about crypto.I think this site can help you more,learn here and earn more
  4. I will use yobit platform for my trading business.Since I got starting earning yesterday.I think others also love to trade in yobit.
  5. Yeah your right .Having this forum can change our life..Their are lots of airdrop and bounty projects but not all are legit..So stop wasting time.Just focus your time here in this forum.happy earnings
  6. Bitcoin ATM is not applicable in our country.Maybe 5 to 10 years from now I think it can be happened..Bitcoin is in the future.
  7. Bitcoin or etherium?In terms of popularity I choose bitcoin because bitcoin can control all coins.,but in terms of transferring coins into wallet,I choose etherium for low fees.Though bitcoin and etherium are both important to me and also other coins.
  8. Thanks for this inspiring topic,I think i have a better idea to make some blog in the future.I deffinitely seen others doing some blogs and they really helping others.
  9. I also got scam in telegram,.someone's offer me btc mining and triple it in a next day..They provide some proof of payment that's why im joined..but after a week there's no sign ug paying back.i try to contact but it cannot be lesson there is don't trust quickly.
  10. Learning here about crypto world is giving me a view of how to earn more in crypto world. ,I'm starting earning yesterday.It's really great that all my hardwork and patient had paid off.I really love this forum. Actully learning and earning is the best of all.
  11. This topic is awesome.I really need this topic because I'm starting earning this site yesterday.I don't know about withdrawing fees.,Thanks for this information.
  12. Yes ,.Now that I reached the 100 post and starting to earn here,now I can show my proof to my family and friends.I really love to share this to everyone.A big thanks to this forum.
  13. The best way to earn is you have to post useful words in this forum to earn more bitcoin.You can have a great income here.Just keep focus..happy earning
  14. I'm proud to be a Filipino,.I think some people here in our country give their best to share about crypto currency..just keep it sharing.I'm happy for every Filipinos in this forum.keep earning
  15. I try also this airdrop but they give me useless coins.Others keep their promising date to distribute coins but it's not I really don't trust airdrop anymore.just focus of this site and keep earning.
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