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  1. The best way to earn is you have to post useful words in this forum to earn more bitcoin.You can have a great income here.Just keep focus..happy earning
  2. Asakaman


    Only make 100 comments or post then after that you can start earning..every useful post is 0.00001000 BTC if count in yobit platform..Keep it up and enjoy earning.
  3. Thanks you for the information post here,this is very valuable to the member on how to move forward.happy earnings
  4. I'm proud to be a Filipino,.I think some people here in our country give their best to share about crypto currency..just keep it sharing.I'm happy for every Filipinos in this forum.keep earning
  5. I try also this airdrop but they give me useless coins.Others keep their promising date to distribute coins but it's not I really don't trust airdrop anymore.just focus of this site and keep earning.
  6. I also experience collecting free coins in the faucets and for me it is good.It's really depending on your efforts to earn more.This site much better than any sites,I really love this forum and I will spend my time enjoying here.
  7. This site is really important to me.,words aren't enough to express how i feel about this cryptotalk forum.It change my life.Enjoying staying here,happy earnings
  8. Cryptotalk is banning an account because of some repeatedly post things that aren't allowed in this forum.So don't try to break the rules.
  9. Nice topic there,we need to stored our crypto coins to protect it from the theft and loss.I choose trust walllet and coinbase i know it could be secured there..
  10. It seems that some newbies here are breaking rules.They must treat the rules as guidelines.They must be aware of it..newbies must have patient in this forum.
  11. Youre right mate,Bitcoin now has steadily increased,so too have cyberattacks on crypto currency.we have to secure our bitcoin to a trusted wallet.
  12. I learned this forum by express almost every meaningful thought without insulting and saying bad words to others.People here are generally supportive and care about others.
  13. In this forum if you considered reliable,authentic to a topic and kind to others you can have a good reputation.With helping and sharing each others,this site will also gain good reputation.
  14. Well yobit is the best option.Simply convert your coins into cash.Then transfer it to your wallet.Or you can also cash out your coins or transfer it into another wallet.just copy the adress of you coins to receive it to another wallet.
  15. Yeah,both posts and comments are counted.Always review your post and just enjoy this forum.Don't just depend on earnings,focus also on learning.
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