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  1. I think it should started to teach from high school or college . The school level is small level and the students are not mature enough to manage both fields..The students will less concentrate on their studies that will be loss for them..
  2. My story is a little intresting😀one day before joining this forum I accudentky the seminar if a motivational speaker and the topic of discussion was Women can also run their buisness or can earn. And I get a huge motivation and determine to do something. And the very next my friend text me and invite me to join this forum,I said yes i will and I started here , I think I was determined that is whyI started as i difficult to manage a job during studies..
  3. I started to work here about few days ago, I do not think so more then 50% peolpe of my country know about this forum.But it is trending with the passage of time and will more people know about it...
  4. As I have not noticed it yet , but i have read it that you can give maximum of 9 reactions daily...May be it increased with the increase of rank ..
  5. The post should contain minimum 100 characters .But maximun as you want you can make...I remember I always prefer to make my post more then 120 to 130 words.The maximum I have created it is about 300 to 400 words..
  6. Thank you so much for this information I think it will works as I am trying to post a comments on that post that seems use full but some times i can not and then how can I found that post is usefull or not😥?? giving reaction is a good suggestio..
  7. Yeah you are right this is serioulsy frustrating .I am facing this issue on daily basis I do not know why this ia happening..I have to make more 3 to 4 posts daily...And some time more then that to achive my daily goal..😥
  8. Mostly questions are general and when the possilbility of answering of that question are only few what we can do ?? And then all the members do not read all the comments on specific post and most of them write their own ideas. If they have similarity between answers , I think there would be no posssiblity to reduce that. One thing that can be happen is that the commenting on post should be off when some one get proper answer of his question.
  9. Yes you are right , I am also from pakistan..The suggestion is good.And You are right many people do not know about english but I think It will be quite tough to add urdu language as there are about 154 countries almost every one has it's own native language that will ne quite tough to undestand every language and learning ability will be reduce.. English is international language every one must have to know about it to get success and earning in this world in this era....
  10. Yeah this is intresting thing I found here.Thia is forums function to take a test of person😁..A little test To make sure the person using this forum is either robot or human..As you have to identify pictures , human can do that easily but robots can not identify everthing..
  11. You are right we should work hard to make this forum more better. we all members are likE family as we are crypto family.. Sharing different informations and different toopics of disscussion make us to learn different subjects here.
  12. I spend almost 3 4 hours daily..Honestly saying some times I read the comments of other members some time I just complete my target...As when I am not understding something I just go.to google srach about that simple that is rellly informtaive as i spend some of my time to learn new things..
  13. We should avoid the unknown websities to do some investment taht can be scam.But to avoid to block here we have to move according to.rules and rugulations..If will vlolate them we will face problems .We may get warnings and may be we get banned..
  14. I.do not think so taht if you will change your phone and log in crypto forum there you will get banned...Problem will.start when you will use two accounts on same IP adress..Otherwise there will be no problem...
  15. Well said , I hope every one will be with you even I am also. This ia really informative and usefull platforum for learning and earning both..We have to do more struggle to make this platforum more effective ..
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