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  1. We have lost faith in the tokens, so please you have to pay in BTC or ETH for having Good marketing managers. I can work with you if you pay in BTC or any other top coin.
  2. How much is the maximum amount you can withdraw per day without doing any KYC? Is there a limit? If there is a KYC, what do we need to complete the process and which ID they are asking?
  3. Good luck with your business mate. I am here too to sell the script I have. It did not have a website but just finished the basic design of the website from a theme.
  4. Kindly share some proof so that we all get benefits . Because it's seems like Bitcoin talk and crypto talk. And we have less knowledge about this. So kindly explain step wise, so that we all get benefits.
  5. I have tried many of those free-to-use lottery, scratch card and other apps. You win at pretty steady rate in the beginning but as soon as you have $1-2 to go for minimum withdrawal limit, you will not win anything anymore. Typical luring tactic, and therefore a scam.
  6. This forum is giving some good features to us, maybe we will not find it in anywhere else, until now this forum is very useful to me, earning money, earning informations and friends too, so tell me, can someone have better site than cryptotalk?? I don't think so
  7. Sometimes the topics are deleted and are not counted in the first two days. You can publish 50 topics to reach 100 posts, and then create only 30 posts each day.
  8. I never experienced this, but I think they are safe, actually one time I left some of coins on yobit wallet for a long time before I join this forum but nothing happened to them, yobit is a secure market and I guess you are fine with it, don't worry .
  9. This forum enables you to learn the correct ways to work in the field of trading, investment and mining and provides all the information that members need and search for
  10. Yes, as you say better to have a merit system instead of these emoji, because the merit system shows how good this member according to the points obtained, and this encourages members to write more good topics, while emoji I think that many do not care about them.
  11. Its a good idea to record your schedule daily .I do the same .
  12. I think it always depend on the source of the bounty i mean there many site giving away bounty program yet it not worth you time.I guess you should be more selective on joining bounty program and do research if you think it worth your time then do it. But if not then just let it pass.
  13. According to if you want to start learning trading technique then you can have two option one is go for a paid course then you can get proper learning but if you haven't money then you can search for free guide from youtube but i suggest to learn from babypips website .
  14. I do not think this is a good idea. This could make your wallet unsafe. I prefer having my wallet separately and browser separately. Hackers like new innovations and they mostly attack new ones.
  15. Actually when it comes to crypto mining it is determined from the tools we use to mine. So if looking for profitable coins now seems difficult, unless there are new coins that support to be mined and the initial price opened is quite valuable.
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