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  1. I don’t know about another forums like crypto. I don’t have enough time to work with another forums.I love work with crypto and happy to using it.
  2. It's very unfortunate that your country doesn’t accept cryptocurrency. there main reason is crypto is not a valid money.
  3. Cryptocurrency is a best place for investing . now a day we can see increasing the value of cryptocurrency and lot of people invest in crypto.
  4. Someone says that don’t dream of getting rich from cryptocurrency? but why the say that, cryptocurrency gives me opportunity to invest and getting lot of money.
  5. The current price multiple by the total price of existing shares This means in cryptocurrency the current price of a coin time and total number coin in the market.
  6. I don’t know, how bitcoin address generated. if any one know about this please tell me.
  7. I really don’t know who is the creator of bitcoin.I just know bitcoin is the first currency and it is very profitable.
  8. i think indicates don’t help me to understand more about the market. if you can understated the market without an indicates, then there is no need for an indicates.
  9. I think best currency for invest 2020 is is good project. you can learn about this coin on youtube.
  10. I don’t know about another site and i don’t enough time to using another site. I am happy to using crypto and getting some money from crypro.
  11. Surely crypto have a bright future. Naw a day lot of people are join crypto and invest lot of money also earn money from crypto.
  12. There are many wallet in crypto world but i recommended coinbase wallet. Coinbase is the best wallet ever i seen.if want to save bitcoin large amount then use this wallet.
  13. Bitcoin is the very valuable coin in the world. But it’s can't accept hole over the world. Bitcoin have a ablate to increase world economy.if bitcoin accept hole countries then economy will growth sharply.
  14. There is no competition betweens crypto and bank but crypto is on kind of bank because we earn money from crypto and this money also safe here.anorher point is we are invest and get back with interest.
  15. opera is a good browser for browsing but i never use it as a cryptocurrency wallet. i just use it download something. I will try to use opera as crypto wallet. Let see the performanc.
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