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  1. I is a great step donation is a great thing also donating crypto coin is making this more interesting hope America may success about this
  2. I think the contents of the letter from Satoshi is to kill the banking world. Financial and financial problems in the community as well as several cases of electronic money that occur.
  3. .Bitcoin is the main coin in crypto space and is still the most popular coin, and not in doubt the bitcoin can surelyincrease in value.
  4. You can find out everything from the Siya network to a foreign network.personally i would say that the supply is just too much, but it has been very profitable. I still don't know that sai is also provide hardware rent service thanks for this kind of information .
  5. It's hard to imagine that crypto could replace the country's currencies. Also crypto's value is not that stable so it might really affect the price of goods in the market.
  6. We get payment from write comment also for post.You can earn money through different ways and keep them in a online wallet after that you can cash it out by exchange
  7. Facebook wanted to make it own coin (libra) but this project reached to a dead end, maybe in the future will adopt bitcoin or any other cryptocurrencies, everything is possible.. The journey will be good.I want thisworld to be more modern.
  8. . Just invest with fake funds like practice account in first.For those who would like a little help, opening an account through a robo-advisor is a sensible option.
  9. I didnt get the policy can anyone help me please i want to know about this please suggest me
  10. India want to increase their economic status more so that they can increase more they can be the richest country
  11. momo1315

    Crypto Rap

    Ohoo crypto rap it is so much interesting if someone make it it can be very much popular
  12. I didnt use paypal how could i know about this but crypto is very nice for me i like it much
  13. For me just only one us using crypto i am new in crypto world so i couldnot refer a few people but i will suggest them for using crypto it is such a good site
  14. Both features are incompatible: being volatile or stable.. If the price of bitcoinbecomes volatile that will be better for me and other person who are trading.
  15. I think there is no crypto app just use it in any browser it is better for use crypto and also this apps are fake maybe
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