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  1. Its really true that cryptocurrency market is deep sea and now its full with many of the new cryptocurrency and everyday there is a new coin launching.
  2. Digital currency is now growing and now we can just trade only with digital currency but in future we may use it for other purpose likhe for shopping.
  3. Cryptotalk is running from more than last two years and i wish that cryptotalk run more as possible and i hope cryptotalk run 10 years more.
  4. Physical currency will be win because still this all universe has not accept the cryptocurrency and this is the main reason but in future cryptocurrecy may be won.
  5. There are most or the youngstars who know about cryptocurrency and also want to trade with cryptocurrency and many of them are also trading with crypto.
  6. Yes dear, i have already visit CMC ( coinmarketcap ). This coinmarketcap site is really attractive and its show all graph of every coin.
  7. Yobit is a good exchange and you can exchange of every coin like bitcoin to usd and ethereum to usd and withdraw is also very instant.
  8. I can not trust on those people who are saying thay yobit is fake site. Yobit is running from many year and trusted site.
  9. Thanks bro, you have got a very smart solution for secure from scammers and now scammers are avaialble on every where.
  10. I will always agree with you and you post the topic is very informatic and now people are very friendly with bitcoin. Bitcoin slolve economic issue of their users.
  11. You provide us a very benefit and informatic instructions and i will try by following your instructions. Thanks for sharing.
  12. I have never tried this site till now but looking interested and now i will try this site to earn bitcoin in free and will never miss this opportunity.
  13. Now a days you can use digital currency only for trading but if you want to buy products then you need to convert into usd dollar.
  14. Invest in a house required huge amount and if you want to invest in crypto you can start from some cents of btc. So it depend on you.
  15. Bitcoin price is high cost and bitcoin is increase day by day and i think altcoin will not replace the bitcoin value. But in future its depend on altcoin value.
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