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  1. cryptotalk is very good for students and it gives earning for commenting on topics As a student get limited money for home that’s why it helps a lot
  2. Some topics are deleted because you may have written not accurate to the topic and they should not be useful for anyone that’s why admin has deleted your topic.
  3. Yes you can join form with 1Wi-Fi connection and your account will not be banned because this forum needs your IP address not the Wi-Fi connection address.
  4. Yes crypto currency have a good future it will more grow in future and it is a very good way of earning and storing them you can also drink with them
  5. Surely you will get your money in this site this is not done that if you do hundred post and you will get your money please wait and have patience
  6. We should always learn from the successful investor as they are senior from us and they know much more things than us so they are the leader for us
  7. If you are posting on Any post you should have done lots of research it means that you are knowing the topic very well then you have to write
  8. To boost reputation you have to do very good comments with the logical answer then people will like you and you’r reputation will automatically increase
  9. Trading has lots of risk so please you have to be careful and patience is the first key which you have to be in your soul for trading Otherwise you will get a huge loss
  10. I am also a newbe here but I know this much that first we have to make hundred comments and then after 30 comments and then you’re earning will shown in the Yobit account you can convert them into LTC and then you can transfer to your own account
  11. Bitcoin is the electro currency on inter net which was launch in 2009 now its position is decreasing sirst it was 1$
  12. No bitcoin cannot replace the paper money as they both have their own benefit but in next few years the use of bitcoin will you more than now
  13. Signature is harmful for your account I suggest not to do if you want to add signature just go to the setting and drag it down.
  14. Yes I think this is a very good side as I have seen the ad so I can tell you that you can use this
  15. The benefits of writing topics every day that we can gain knowledge about the bitcoin and the best thing is that we can earn money with you with writing the topics
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