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  1. yes you are right I don't know if it's still running or not the airdrop of yobit now. or still able to participate, but indeed Most people still comment on threads created by the admin. maybe you should try it to find out if it's still running. thank you
  2. yes your question is very good but I don't know anything about this, because I am not investing in it, this is why I can't give you the right answer, I prefer to keep such things as they are, my rank will change automatically and every time I exceed a specific number of topics, thank you so much.
  3. yes i advice you should follow these rules first step: reading the rule . second step: follow the rule, third step: not to break the rule 😁 , fourth step do huge research about crypto currency, fifth step : help other what you know and share your experience and knowledge to others. thank you
  4. yes i want to agree with your comment because I am like good exchange and I am used trusted and safety exchange and I am don't like fake exchange and I am like secure exchange so I think block chain wallet is very good and it is really trusted wallet. thank you
  5. yes i think it is a good new about lightning network on Ethereum blockchain that's mean they will add some transaction out of the Blockchain to have a faster coins transfer and you don't need to do anything it's on the blockchain and nay be you have to update your wallet that's it. thank you so much
  6. yes you are i am agree with you In the context of CryptoTalk campaign and Yobit exchange, Yobit IB makes Binance’s staking pale in comparison. So, of the 8 coins binance started to let users stake? 1.25 to 12% annually. I can get 30% a month with just Micro ib. thank you.
  7. yes, often don't give spam reactions to members because if you do this, they will do the same thing to you as a revenge feedback and you will have to react negatively again and again and you will enter a give-and-take round which can never be stopped. Either you should ignore spam reactions or report spam posts because when you report posts, they can't see who has reported their posts and they can't report your post to retaliate. thank you
  8. yes i thing if you follow the market so closely, Bitcoin only able to move those coins because it has the biggest maketcap, but also if you look closely, sometimes ripple refuses bitcoin and moves on it's own most of the time. thank you
  9. yes i think that's right, the price of etherium in this month is only stable not giving a high rise.maybe after Bitcoin halving will make an effect for etherium prices to move up and maybe it's true if the etherium price follows the price pattern on bitcoin. thank you so much
  10. yes i think most people will love bitcoin then gold, although gold value stable gold price is high but Bitcoin price is more than gold price. I wish I could buy few bitcoin. this is my opinion i know some users are not agree with me. thank you
  11. hello crypto member welcome! On the daily basis i spend almost 4-5 hours while reading the other people post and observing them deeply doing some research on the google as well , some times i write my own posts but mostly as a beginner. thank you so much.
  12. hello newbie welcome ! buy Ethereum and Litecoin They are strong currencies with large trading volume And where the descent and rise, which enables you to make profitsFor example: I bought a LTC at 59$ now, it will go up to 70$Or you bought Eth at a price of 190$, it will rise to 201$, this is my advoced to you. thank you
  13. hello crypto member i suggest you that the latest sudden bitcoin sell off, which sent the wider cryptocurrency market sharply lower , was caused by a so-called bitcoin whale selling a large amount of bitcoin then buying it back the market has dropped due to the influx of supply potentially earning millions of dollars in the process. thank you so much
  14. yes you are right there are any problems which we are facing in cryptocurrency. I agreed, there are a lot of buyers right here in crypto who're very arrogant and provided occasionally their abilities in buying and selling to offer payment for his or her offerings even it isn't for actual in the end. thank yoy so much
  15. hello newbie i advice you that start with make communication in this forum, I believe there's expert in here. Second try on the field, use small amount from your fund to test your skill and understanding about market works. Last step is share your experience to get solution and good respond from other members. Need more than read and try to become good trader, you should know that. i hope you understand. don't forget to give me heart react. thank you
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