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  1. Hello Tokyo i hope you earning dollars! But your sentence have no meaning. You just post a comment to increase your post remember one thing newbie if you violate the rules and regulations you get banned from cryptotalk permanently so be careful for next time. Thank you
  2. Yes I am agree with you there are many scammers are there to steel your information as well as your money. You all the safety precaution shared which are very helpful and informative for newbies. I am also newbie. Thank you sir for giving us such a great information.
  3. Hello congli ! I don't have an idea about Rebit Wallet because i never use rebit wallet may be it is very good, safe and reliable. I use different wallets to withdraw my amount. Which are easy to use and reliable and fast delivery. Thank you so much for introducing rebit wallet.
  4. Hello huma khan hope you earning and learning. I also facing this problem some time. Yes you are may be right. It may be technical problem or the traffic problem because thousands of users use cryptotalk daily. So be patient and work hard on cryptotalk forum. Thank you
  5. Hello Sharjeel ,Yes you are right investing a top coins like bitcoin are more profitable and less risky because these coins are reliable and they increased their value day by day if you see the past record of bitcoin you are astonished that how much bitcoin is increased in past just 3 to 5 years.
  6. Hello tushar kumar ! Banning of account is common in cryptotalk. Beginners are not following the rules and regulations, may use multiple accounts or violating the rules that's why they are blocked or permanently banned. This is my opinion. Thank you
  7. How it is hard ? Tell me about more ? If you are beginner then you have less experienced and then this vefy difficult to earn money from cryptotalk. If you post only thirty useful comments in a day then you are able to earn 30 thousand satochi which are latter convert in to dollars.
  8. Mujahid Ali

    Yobit app

    Yes you are right nothing to worry about yobit mobile app it is possible that they will launch yobit application for andriod and ios because many trading sites already launch their android and ios applications. Thank you so much
  9. Hello newbie welcome ! I am also newbie. I think each country is different wallets like yobit , payeer, blockchain,and many more for online payments but some of these are trusted and authentic rather are scams so be careful about scammers. This is my opinion may be I am wrong or not thank you so much for being a part of cryptotalk.
  10. Hello rifat welcome to cryptotalk. I also joined cryptotalk just for earning a couple of dollars but after spending some time on cryptotalk i understand that i can learn very basic and common things about cryptocurrency. I recomend my friends that they also join for earning and learning about cryptocurrency. This is my opinion. Thank you
  11. Hello newbie welcome to cryptotalk forum! Brother you should put correct email address which you put on cryltotalk the same email put there and click on connect wait few second then it will connected but remember that firstly you should complete your 100 post then you make your account on yobit. Thank you so much
  12. Hello rawar_khan Yes you are right spending time on social media like facebook, WhatsApp , instagram or youtube is just a wastage of time in otherside if you spend 3, 4 hours in cryptotlk you should earn couple of dollars which is beneficial as compared to spending time on social sites. This is my opinion. Thank you so much rawar_khan
  13. Hello Md.nure ayen babu welcome to the cryptotalk forum. Yes i think your opinion is very good because when the value or price of bitcoin increases, it benefits us directly because we are involve in earning from cryptotalk. When cryptocurrency are going to down every body leave the forum. This us my opinion regarding cryptocurrency may be it is wrong. Thank you so much.
  14. Hello Muhammad Ayyan. This is also happened with me several times. I make 30 to 32 useful post in a day but in yobit shows some times 23, some time 20 and some time 25 . Brothers some of our post are deleted by moderates because of some irrelevant topics or it may be some irrelevant post. I advised you that post fourty useful comments in a day then at least 30 comments are claimed in crptotalk. This is my opinion. Thank you
  15. Hello aeiouc ! Oh wow that's great this is a new to earning money. But i did not understand exactly the point from which you can say that you earn money from brave browser. Please tell me more detailed about it then newbies earn more money from crypto forums. Thank you
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