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  1. Blockchain wallet is one the best wallet of crypto world It's Experience was too good mostly people use Blockchain for Their work its concept was easy and gorgeous..
  2. No i dont used Bitcoin Gambling before but I can use this in future but know I don't know more about Bitcoin Gambling but I learn About this From our senior member
  3. If you talk About crypto world's future then no doubt That crypto future was very Bright in future and get more Success day by day
  4. The small program or device that give you ability to exchange Crypto currency and more work on it. I used cooled wallet not more interesting in this wallet
  5. I really interested in this because I don't use the lighting app Use before it is owner for us to use this This is good news
  6. I suggest the Blockchain wallet is best for crypto And the best wallet for eth is I think trust wallet Both Wallet Make good expression on people of crypto world I thing this wallet is better for eth and crypto
  7. I don't no more idea about this forum because I'm new here I'm new member I interdouced myself as Simple man My name is BìLAL AHmED and I'm 19 years old From Asian country
  8. New member introduction Name BìLAL Ahmed Nick name Chaudhary Hobby tourist Adrees live in Asia Fav colour Black Fav coin Btc
  9. Yes I agree with this When the market goes down we can put our coin to our wallet it will very good for us Beacasue after that we can sell this in more profit
  10. I prefer trust wallet for best crypto wallet Beacasue it is one of the great wallet This wallet had more Advantage and alot of Experience for crypto and many peoples suggest trust wallet for crypto wallet.
  11. Yes more People used Bitcoin fore investment it is best site To invest money nearly 90 peoples out of hundred100 used Bitcoin I also prefer to Use Bitcoin it is very experienced site I like this site do you..?
  12. I pick buy and sell things with online function and features I use this not more I'm new on trading so I don't know more About trading or anything else.
  13. Most famous place in crypto I usually used Crypto world for work It is good site I like crypto world.. In this forum alot of experience and skills And many peoples use crypto world for their work
  14. Carrying a paper wallets is I'm sure it is waste of time This wallet is not useful some people use this wallet But paper wallet is success more
  15. Ch bilal

    Copay Wallet

    I don't know about this wallet because I can't use this wallet In my life . I think this is old version or new version of wallet
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